Mobile messaging and VoIP Company, Viber Media seems to be on a roll. The company that allows users to send free text messages, photo messages, voice messages, share locations anywhere in the world, and make free, HD-quality calls on iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone, Blackberry – has now released its latest version 4.0 to the desktop.

The latest update includes the support for the Viber Sticker Market along with supporting Linux desktop machines while supporting both Windows and Mac desktops. Some of the features that are worth mentioning that would be launched in the desktop version are – Ability to receive video messages , view photo and video descriptions, drag and drop of photos, among others.

The latest announcement comes on the heels of Viber’s announcement of version 4.0 on its mobile platforms. The version came up with interesting features such as compatibility with Android tablets. It has also added ‘Push To Talk’ feature for instant voice messaging that allows users to send short voice messages to each other. Other features that require a mention are message forwarding to any group or contact, new conversation backgrounds and group conversations with upto 100 participants.

According to the Talmon Marco, Viber CEO, the latest development will provide users with a seamless communication experience across all of their devices and platforms.

Not many messaging apps have gone for a desktop app in a mobile first world. It would be interesting to observe how the traction has been from desktop for the messaging app.

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