I’ve heard this question before. Actually, I’ve heard it many times, and I’m perplexed as to why it is even a question. But here it is anyways, “Why should you care about mobile marketing?” Of course, this question goes out to businesses and marketers.

But for me, it’s difficult to understand why it’s a question because mobile marketing is so darn important. There’s many reasons why it’s important, but the biggest factor is the amount of people using smartphones and doing their shopping from their phones. They are predicting that over 2 billion consumers worldwide will own a smartphone by 2016. In 2014, mobile shopping surpassed computer shopping.

So by now, you should get the picture as to why you should care about mobile marketing. But there are other reasons for mobile marketing.

For example, there’s no bigger opportunity to get as close as possible to consumers as there is with phones, of course, other than face-to-face communication within a store. But when it comes to online shopping, smartphones are as personal as you can get.

Think about it, people have their phones on them an average of 22 hours a day, check it over 100 times a day and have it at their fingertips whenever they need it. How much more personal can you get than that?

You can also create in-store experiences for people. So for example, someone comes to the mall and doesn’t know their way around. If you make it available, they can head to your site and download a map. While they are searching for that map, you have the option (which you should definitely do) to place ads for certain stores, products, specials, etc. that the user can see while browsing for the map.

You can also target your intended audience. Not everyone is going to want what you have to offer, so it’s best to weed out those individuals and focus on the ones that are interested in your product or service. This can easily be done through mobile marketing.

If you’d like to learn a few more tips on how to optimize your mobile marketing strategy, take a quick look at the video below.