smartphone businessTruly, the smartphone has secured a permanent spot in the business world’s repertoire of useful gadgets that are used to maximize resources and ensure the highest possible productivity of business operations. Combining mobility with power to carry out business functionalities, the smartphone is a tiny device that allows you to perform such tasks that you normally can do only with laptops and desktop PCs like creating or editing a document or presentation, access important business files anywhere with the use of cloud computing storage systems, and launch video conferences with your clients or employees anytime, anywhere you are.

Smartphones are especially useful to sales people or businessmen who, by virtue of the very nature of their work, are required to spend most of their time on the road. In this case, being able to stay in touch with the office is an indispensible part of their daily operations. But smartphones are different from the traditional mobile phone or PDA, in the sense that it takes mobility and convenience a step further by offering you with various functionalities, tools, and information that you can use to become time-efficient and productive.

With such importance of the smartphone, it would only be logical to use your smartphone in such a way that you can get the best out of it.

  • Find the best phone service provider that you will subscribe to such as RingCentral, among others, to ensure that you will have maximum connectivity. By choosing the best phone service provider, you can do wonders with your phone with fast Internet connection and clear network signal.
  • If you find yourself in an unfamiliar city or town for an important business errand, you can use your smartphone’s GPS (Global Positioning System). GPS can help you get to your appointment on time, avoid heavy traffic, and find alternate route to your destination.
  • You need information on the spot and you do not have the necessary references or documents, so what do you do? With your smartphone, information is on your fingertips. It does not matter where you are; whether you are walking or sitting in a lobby, you can do last-minute research to touch up your presentation or report.
  • If you have a Customer Relationship Management that allows you to access customer data from your smartphone, then you are ensured of having important information when dealing with customers or potential customers. You are able to access you’re the order history or the background of your customers.
  • Online marketing has now becoming more and more important to business because it is cheap and far-reaching. You can use your smartphone to update your social media sites. This represents a productive way to use your idle time to further your business’ progress.
  • Use your smartphone as personal reminder for your appointments. A number of smartphone apps allow you to record notes regarding your appointments.
  • You can give answer to prospective clients or current customers with dispatch using your smartphone. Using this device, you can check your business files saved on cloud, visit your company website, and browse the Internet so that you can truthfully answer your client’s question.
  • You can contact your employees anywhere with your smartphone, which can serve as your virtual address book. You can immediately access your contact list with your smartphone and launch video conferencing with your employees or prospective business partners.
  • A smartphone makes your entire address book available to you at all times. So if you suddenly need to call your former co-worker from the road to provide an introduction to a new prospect, it’s not a problem. You can also access live networking tools like LinkedIn to find new contacts on the spot.

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