According to Statista, mobile devices accounted for 17.4% of global web usage in 2013. Although that statistic may seem rather anti-climactic at a cursory glance, it confirms an undeniable truth that no marketer or agency would dare to ignore: the promising growth potential of this market—especially since that same percentage was just 11.1% a year before.

Mobile Phone Usage

One does not have to look very far to witness this mobile revolution. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to identify where the ripple effect ends; mobile devices are becoming the governing body of offices, schools, homes, trains, planes and who knows what’s next—churches, perhaps?

So, who cares? Anyone with two eyes and a brain could probably tell you that. But what’s catching the attention of the industry is a far more important percentage: according to the ByteMobile mobile analytic report, online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. FIFTY PERCENT!

This mobile video explosion is not simply catching the attention of traditional marketers and advertisers. Instead, this new viewing behavior has demanded that Nielsen, an information and measurement powerhouse, bridges the gap between mobile views and measurable insights, a challenge that has yet to be untangled by marketers.

The solution? A cross-platform measurement system that would combine mobile video views with Nielsen’s well-known television ratings. Despite the challenges of providing the industry with this necessary technology, the benefits of direct measurement are persuading Nielsen to be an innovator in this space.

The massive adoption of constant and consistent mobile usage—especially in regards to video consumtion—has been a game-changer for the industry. But what would substantiate the claim that mobile metrics is equally groundbreaking?

Nielsen’s exec-VP, Megan Clarken, spoke to Ad Age about the importance of industry standard ratings: “Behind the scenes, advertisers talked about the needs for accountability in digital—and, more to the point, accountability metrics that align with TV…Ad dollars are following the eyeballs. We need to be ready to measure all of this so our clients can monetize it.”

Simply put, metrics like GRP (Gross Rating Point) would allow firms to truly understand their video audiences. By adding yet another dynamic to their repertoire, advertisers can prove—in a much more concrete fashion—that people are watching their video content. Numbers don’t lie; video marketing works. And with the help of Nielsen, it won’t be as hard to convince clients that it’s worth paying for. Perhaps that’s wishful thinking, but as Megan Clarken reminds us, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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