There are millions of apps launching in the market every day. How would you turn the limelight on your application and get people going crazy over your hard work? How would you ensure that the apps you have created gets the attention it deserved? Well, there’s nothing to get worried, because marketing the mobile applications is the right solution to all your doubts. However, the process of mobile apps marketing does not start from the time it has been launched. You have to thoroughly involve yourself from the initial stages of app development, right from when the app is in your mind. Are you wondering how? Take a look at the strategies to achieve success in marketing your app even before it is released.

Mobile apps

Simply create a WOW splash:

A page splash will undoubtedly drive public interest in your applications. Building splash page invites consumer traffic to it. The page must act an anchor to support your apps from the initial stage of app development till its end. Now the most important thing is what will the splash page contain? Your splash page should include the basic information about the functionality of the apps and what it can be used for.

Invite the Beta tester:

As you are ready with your splash page, the next important task is to invite the volunteers to beta test your apps. Now the question is what is the importance of beta tester in marketing? They not only provide the much needed feedback on your applications but also share information about your app with others, much before the app is launched in the market.

Give your users a little peek:

How about encouraging the visitors to contribute their innovative ideas for any app modification? Isn’t this a great idea to stimulate their interest throughout the process of your marketing? (I am sure it is). This definitely would reflect how passionate and dedicate you are about your work. Always be open to suggestions and feedback.

However, participating in forums which deal with app development would also help you to gain exposure for your app. You can check with the app development blogs that are always interested to feature your app in the best way possible. Remember, the more unique your app features are, the higher is its acceptance.

Do you have friends associated with media channels? It’s a great idea to offer them promo codes to get a feel of it before its official release. Ideally, they are the best person to feature the app through various channels. If you can hit social media, hold online event, they can help with a big launch of your product in the future.


Now let’s find out what will be your future marketing strategy after the mobile app is launched in the market?

Planning that can be implemented:

Does anything work properly without a constructive plan? (I assume, NO). Therefore, plan to market your app in a systematized way. How? Take a look at it.

Place yourself in the potential user’s shoes? Ask yourself whether you would buy the app if you were the user?  How is your app different from the other apps in the market? Does it attract you as a third person? Will you suggest others to buy the app? If you have answers to these questions, no doubt, you can take the lead.

Your strategy should include research work to find out whether the staple market is too saturated. Are you trying to make something exactly opposite to what the market leaders are doing? Unique features will always appeal to the mass. Therefore, planning at every stage of your marketing will help you to achieve success.

A website can do wonders:

Build your website immediately. This is one the most effective way to market your product. Your innovative style of presenting the product in your website can attract thousands of visitors. App in action guide the people as why and how they will be benefitted from the app. Isn’t this powerful marketing tool for you?

Peep in Tweeter:

Twitter is one major platform to grab the attention of the user. Make the necessary exposure to allow people to talk about your app. As you are allowed to write only 140 characters in the Twitter so plan your conversation accordingly. Using a lot of humour and making the conversation friendly will certainly let people notice your products first.

Blogging never block your strategy:

The faster you understand that blogs and social media go hand-in hand, the better it is for your marketing strategy. Setting up a blog and updating it regularly makes half of your job done. The review blogs and tech sites generate traffic, so without giving a second thought to it, feature your app on your blog.


Surprising mobile marketing statistics:

Statistics show that…

It takes 26 hours for an individual to report a lost wallet. However, it just takes only 68 minutes to report a lost phone.

In a few countries, there are more mobile subscriptions than the population. How is this possible? It is because a single person owns more than one mobile.

Usually it takes 90 minutes to respond to an email. However, it takes 90 seconds to respond to a text message.

There are around 7 billion people in this planet. Out of which around 5 billion owns a mobile phone and surprisingly, only 4 billion owns toothbrush.

What can be better than this statistic if you are one of the professional to market your mobile apps?

If you manage to make the above tactics your sure-fire steps then no one can stop you from reaching the ladder of success.