Mobile Apps and Healthcare: An opportunity for Marketers?

This chart featured in an eMarketer article: Healthcare Marketing Goes Mobile gives you an idea as to where developers and marketers see “business opportunities” various platforms and devices. Really?

Some Thoughts to Consider

  • Before jumping on the healthcare “apps” bandwagon do some research. The eMarketer article that features this chart is linked to their report: Mobile Healthcare Marketing: Prescriptions for Health and Wellness on the Go. Buy it (Disclosure: I have no affiliation with eMarketer. I use their charts and read their articles regularly)
  • Talk to your customers or prospective customers and see if they are using or would use mobile apps. Test what you’ve read in the eMarketer report with them to see if what they say echoes with what’s being said in the report. Take in to consideration that today, U.S. mobile app users, aren’t using app for healthcare (reality check?)
  • Talk to a mobile developer and ask him or her if she’s aware of any mobile apps they’ve seen or know that’s being developed
  • Do a search on Google to see if there is any current news, buzz, blog posts on mobile apps for healthcare. I did one for the phrase “healthcare iphone app” and the third most popular article: Top iPhone Healthcare Apps by InformationWeek is almost two years old
  • Check to see what WebMD is doing with their new Mobile App release and try it yourself. Check out your competition too
  • Remember that when we’re talking health care privacy and security are extremely important

Questions and Conversations

What’s your thoughts on the mobile app market for health care. Do you think it’s ripe for marketers? Do you, as a consumer want or need mobile apps to make your life easier and healthier?

There’s no simple answer here. What matters is having a conversation about this topic so we can learn and share our experiences and help each other.