Projectplace is an online cloud-based project management software that lets you manage single or multiple projects with a quick method and easy-to-use interface.

Projectplace allows you to choose from a variety of membership plans, depending on the number of projects you will need and how many members you need to add. If you have been looking for a better way to manage your projects from anywhere, Projectplace could be the solution for you.

Project Management Meets Social Media

Projectplace incorporates social media into its project management software, tools and features, by giving members a place to collaborate and come together for one common goal making projects succeed. Their shared goals are realized through the various tools provided by Projectplace. You can access Projectplace from your PC, laptop, tablet computer, and many smart phones including iPhones and Android phones. In the “Project Overview” you get access to a the conversation area which leverages the power of social media having Facebook & Twitter like functionality which leads to a better organised and a more connected Project team.

Team Up For Project Management

Whether you have a large or small team, you can team up for all of your of projects. By coming together to organize and work on your projects as a team, you have the opportunity for a higher level of success and efficiency, and can each work from your own remote location. Projectplace is online, making it an excellent cloud computing tool that can be accessed from anywhere. There are many intuitive features and tools in Projectplace making it superior for project management with your team members.

Save Time And Work Efficiently With Projectplace

By using Projectplace for your project management, you will learn that it saves you loads of time and makes the entire experience an easier, more efficient process. Especially with daily activities, and the ability to use social media as part of your project management, you can have a more efficient project experience with your team members. Additional features and benefits of Projectplace include excellent communication, information sharing, and intuitive features that are easy to learn and use.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

Projectplace has a very simple, easy to use interface that makes it user-friendly from the moment you sign up. After registering for your account, you will be directed to the website to log in and end up on the Project home page. From this page you have all of the tools and applications you need for managing and maintaining various projects. You will see a list of links at the top of the page for adding or editing projects, assignments, recent documents, members of your team, templates, and online meetings. From the home page you also have instant access to your current or daily tasks and your daily schedule.

Action Planning

Optimise planning with drag-and-drop action cards onto a board which gives a rapid, visual overview of the project’s progress towards goal achievement. The Action Planning tool allows all members to, plan and coordinate work, define actions to achieve the goal, assign actions, set due dates and allows members of each action to make comments on action cards.

You can click on the Meetings tab to have instant access to all of your planned project meetings, with easy ways to search for meetings and add new ones with optional team members that need to attend these important meetings. To facilitate web conferencing launch Netwviewer an embedded online meeting tool from Citrix® which allows you to host a meeting with up to 100 people.

Pros And Cons Of Projectplace

Projectplace includes a variety of wonderful features that far outweigh the very few disadvantages you may find with the program. Features and applications include project planning, document management, project overview, online meetings, meeting management, project templates, issue management, and groups of members and contacts. The social collaboration aspect and document management are probably the feature that sets Projectplace apart from other online project management tools.

Disadvantages are few and will depend on your own situation and preferences. You might find the cost of using Projectplace to be high. This however is justified by the fact that it provides free customer support to all users via email and phone. Furthermore, it has the highest possible level of security, having recently obtained its ISO 27001 certificate, a rare feat amongst today’s cloud service providers. You can always choose the Team Edition which is the least expensive option. as Loading times can be slow (same as all cloud services), however this primarily depends on your Internet connection.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

If you’re concerned with the return of investment, you can try out the Team Edition free of charge for the first 30 days. Your free trial gives you instant access to the project management tools, applications, and features with no credit card required. The team edition is great for anyone looking to manage a project and it does not require any Project management experience . If you have a large number of projects, you will want to upgrade to the Multi Edition or the Enterprise Edition.

Is It For You?

Projectplace project management is wonderful for businesses that are looking at using cloud computing for managing various projects , documents and contacts. You will find Projectplace easy to use and worth the money you spend on it. The advanced simple to use tools and applications provided make managing your projects a breeze.

Ratings: ease of use 4.5/5, features 5/5, value 3.5/5 and ease of deployment 4/5

[review title= ‘Our Verdict’ pros=”Makes project management a breeze” ” strong document management capabilities” cons= “Can be slow at loading ” score=9]

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