Making Your Team Work Well Together on mevvy.comThe key to good team work is clear communication. As communication takes on different shapes and forms, we are sharing our personal favorite apps we use to communicate better within Mevvy.

A Solid Project Management Suite

You can have the best developer, designer and account manager, but if these three individuals don’t know about each other’s schedule, your productivity plunges without a doubt. There are many collaboration suites out there, and everyone has to identify their favorite – ours is TeamGantt. It’s the most visual project & collaboration software you’ll find, it helps you visualize your tasks better and customize them just like in any other tool of its kind.

A Way To Collaborate On Files Together – And Concurrently

There is only one answer to this and you know it – Google Drive. What used to be Google Docs once, has now become a cloud storage & flle sharing hub. Its big unique feature is the ability to edit files while your colleagues are, too. Say goodbye to duplicate files!

Scheduling A Meeting Among 3, 4, 5 … Participants

Do you know the trouble of finding the prefect meeting day/time when you work with others? Doodle can help. It’s so simple yet so effective. All you have to do is propose meeting times, send them to your colleagues and the time with the most available participants wins.

Then, The Actual Meeting

There is nothing better than Skype. It’s clear, easy, everyone has it and free. What else can you ask for?

What Did We Talk About In Our Last Meeting?

One thing is for sure: meetings without resolutions and follow ups are a waste of time. Let help you keep track of them. Simply open the web-based meeting minute sheet, note what is being said and send it to all participants the minute the meeting is over.

Keeping The Conversation Going At Your Desk

Skype for actual meetings is great, but it’s likely that your boss would rather have you turn it off when it isn’t needed. To keep you and your team mates connected, use HipChat. It’s a simple but effective group chat software that makes asking a quick question real simple.

These were our favorites for group collaboration – what are yours? Share them in the comments below!

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