What?! Another Facebook App?

It’s what I thought and heard online today when I read about this new ‘Facebook Group App’. My initial reaction was probably kind of harsh. “I don’t want another app” and “I have a hard time keeping up with everything Facebook as it is” and “Paper was kind of a failure, I guess this one might fail, too” I heard and without checking it out, I almost let their (my online connections) opinions get the best of me.

However, I am a professional… ;) So I went ahead and checked it out.

I like it. No, wait! I love it. I can’t get enough of it!

Just 5 minutes on this app and I knew! I was lovin’ it (and it could get addictive like McDonalds fries) and I see HUGE potential for myself and my business! Wahoo. Thank you Facebook, for making me happy and doing this one right! I rank it right up there with the awesome Facebook for Pages app I use about a bazillion times a day!

The NEW Facebook Group App; a review

So what’s the big deal about this Facebook group app?

The main thing that stands out about this app for me, is this:

There are no ads, no sponsored stories or annoying, over-posting friends in my feed here. No brands either for that matter. (And yes, I realize I am a brand, sort of.) Just my groups and their feeds. Which in turn makes it an excellent place to work, connect and be real! No distractions.

Here are some of the awesome features of this Facebook Group app and the potential I see.

Let me count the ways I love this Facebook Group App.

  1. Nice overview (visual) of all groups your are a member of in one place with an easy-on-the-eyes blue notification dot if there are notifications in the group. You can see which groups are active (posting and talking) with one glance.
  2. A ‘notification’ feed with ‘who says what in what group’ overview. (I guess I will call it the ‘Look Who’s Talking’ feed) I like this feature.
  3. A most awesome group ‘discover’ tool! Yes, I have already joined a few new groups and yes, I see huge business potential for this (keywords and descriptions, people, time to step it up!) I believe it’s based on the groups you are already part of, Pages you’ve liked, groups your friends are in and where you live. Tonight, it was showing me social media related groups, as well as groups in my physical location (Myrtle Beach).
  4. Very easy to navigate and user friendly.
  5. Leaving and joining groups is easy. Which is nice, since people can still add you to groups without your permission.
  6. Within each group, you can easily spot the green notification dot on a profile picture telling you someone is online. That’s also a great and useful feature. Think about being in a group and knowing when someone is right there!
  7. Easy to delete people (read: spammers) from the groups you admin.
  8. There’s a group ‘search’ function. However, that search function is much like the ‘old’ Facebook; limited. (Not like the new graph search) It will still be useful to find new groups, I believe.
  9. Here is another sweet feature I found. Push notifications, for all groups at the same time, can be turned off for an hour, or until the morning with the click of a button in your app settings. I am thinking I will be liking THAT feature when going on a business call!
  10. My take is that managing multiple groups will be much easier doing it from this app than even on desktop! (I only admin a few groups, so this is up for debate, however it does looks super easy!)

I would say to you, don’t dis it till you see it! Go give it a whirl and let me know if you agree with me!