Each year the Temkin Group releases a report that rates companies based on the level of customer experience they provide. We decided to take the top 100 companies with mobile apps from the Temkin Experience Ratings 2014 to see how they scored on our Love Index.

Why did we do this?

The mobile platform is still relatively new to many large brands and providing a high level of customer experience is proving to be rather difficult. A mobile app’s ‘Love Score’ on our Love Index gives a company insight into the customer sentiment for their app and how it compares to other apps. After calculating the Love Score for these 100 companies, we were able to get a better sense of how these customer centric brands were performing on mobile. See the results below:

What can we learn?

Compared to the average Love Score of apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the majority of companies that rank the highest on Temkin’s customer experience list fall below average. Customer experience is a top priority for these companies so why are the majority of them struggling on mobile? Here are a few possible explanations:

  • Haven’t invested enough resources into building on the mobile platform.

  • Don’t understand what their customers’ wants, needs, and expectations are on mobile.

  • Are not agile and are slow to change, improve, and update compared to the rest of the app ecosystem.

Not all large brands are having difficulty extending a positive customer experience onto the mobile platform. Domino’s, CVS, and USAA are in the Top 10 for both Android and iOS apps and serve as an example for larger brands looking to improve their mobile experience.

Top Customer Experience Companies Compared to the App Stores

Here is another look at how these companies, which excel at customer experience on the web and offline, compare on mobile to the average Love Score in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

For iOS, 83% of the top 100 customer experience companies with apps have a Love Score below average. For Android, 74% of companies fall below the average Love Score. As a whole, these companies do not provide a quality experience on mobile compared to the rest of the app ecosystem.

Customer Experience on Mobile

The majority of apps from companies that work hard to provide an exceptional customer experience fall short on mobile. This is primarily because they are in the dark when it comes to understanding what their customers want, need, and expect from a mobile app. The first step for every company with a mobile app is to make it easy for customers to give feedback and, most importantly, be able to get help if something is wrong.

Apptentive is here to help any company with a mobile app talk with their customers. Our aim is to help you improve your app quickly to fit the wants, needs, and expectations your customers have. It is important to listen to the voice of your customers. We have an array of tools including ratings prompts, in-app feedback, and in-app surveys that can help you better understand your customers and improve your app. Start learning what your customers think about your app by getting your Love Score.

This post originally appeared on the Apptentive blog.