Truly Madly Android App

Dating services are on the rise with their mobile first offering. Dating has been a grey area for most startups since it fails to gain traction specially from females in the country. Security has been the primary concern which dating and relationship site TrulyMadly has addressed in its latest launch of the Android app.

While you get to select profiles in the app matching your requirements, the app boasts about having verified user profiles. The app is only for singles, divorced, widowed, etc.; it isn’t for married folks like me. The Facebook login was smart enough to find out that I was married so I logged in via email with an un-verified profile. One can only browse the set of profiles with an un-verified profile, for any other activity profiles need to be verified.

After downloading the app, email log in was a bit lengthy process but it is a one-time effort. If you have ever created a profile on a matrimonial site then you will have nostalgic memories while building your mandatory profile for TrulyMadly. For professional details the app has integrated LinkedIn. Not only does this save time but it also increases the trust score of your profile on TrulyMadly.

Once the required details are filled, upload pictures if you want and take a few compatibility tests. These activities will help the app to send daily targeted profiles. Once you are done the below screen-grab is the home screen of the app (The below image is for representation purpose).


As in the above screen grab you can see the trust score and basic profile highlights, click on view profile for more details. If you find it interesting then you can click on the like button to show interest. One can take the interaction to the next level of messaging if the other person is interested too. If not then swipe ahead to check out another profile. The below screen grab gives you a quick look of the complete profile.


However a user is provided only a set of profiles (10) every day.

Another exciting feature is personal profile which canbe accessed by clicking on the category button sticking out at the left most corner of the app. Not only does it provide all details of the activities that you have carried out on the app, it also lets your boost your trust score, play more personality match quizzes and go through the messages.

Truly Madly Android App personal profile

One can set their preferences and edit the profile details from the same tab. However editing of the profile remains in the hands of the firm, one needs to message the details and the changes would be done in working hours. I believe this has been done to maintain the genuineness of profiles.

Dating simplified by TrulyMadly?

The Android mobile app is simple and neat without any glitches. It does the job quite neatly for now. With time if the data requirements could be simplified then it would be more interesting and much more simplistic app for users.

This brings me to the big question – is TrulyMadly a dating app or a matrimonial app? In the world of anonymous apps, verified dating profiles could be a great USP but why do we need to reveal details such as religion, income status, etc.. I am only looking to date and not marry the other person. If TrulyMadly is a dating app which I believe it is then it has to get rid of the matrimonial kind of data filling and match making lengthy process or it should clearly say that it is a dating and matrimonial app. The problem is that it is trying to be both in one offering. Not sure if dating and matchmaking can go hand in hand even if it is targeted for Indian audiences.

As said, the app should focus on minimal data gathering exercise, deliver more relevant profiles and simplify the dating process. Thrill, the mobile first dating app which was reviewed at LI earlier was driven by interests. It recently pivoted to simplify the entire dating process. Our latest review stated that, Thrill pulls up a list of suitable matches for you depending on the age and location settings mentioned in the app. While the app has no provision of verified profiles that obviously brings spam but the operation on the app is quite simple.

Nevertheless, do give TrulyMadly a try. The data collection might be lengthy but features like trust score, personality match quiz, messaging helps to get the most targeted matches based on common interests and psychological matching. Do let us know if you find the app interesting enough to find suitable matches for dating based on the different required criterion.

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