Many small and local businesses are finally realizing that to stay competitive today, you need to venture into the world of mobile apps and marketing. Having a mobile-friendly website is not the only way to stay ahead of the competition. There are many mobile apps that are available to businesses both large and small that can boost the bottom line as well as keep your employees connected. Many apps can also help mobile customers and employees keep in contact with you and each other. Below are some of the top benefits that local businesses may benefit from by using mobile apps.



With the increased technology of geo-targeting and beacons, it is much easier for local businesses to target key mobile users with location-specific messages and ads. With certain mobile apps, businesses are able to send out special offers to customers who live in a close proximity to the store or business. This helps local businesses save money on marketing because they can spend less money focusing on targeting customers who are nearby and not ones that live out of the target area. Many businesses may save money on marketing this way because they won’t be wasting money on ads that target customers outside of their vicinity.

Customer Loyalty Programs

A great type of mobile app that local businesses may use is one that offers their customers loyalty rewards. For their customers who download the app, they can get access to exclusive specials and time-sensitive deals. To better benefit the business and the customers, the app may also offer a survey to ask customers what type of rewards they prefer for continuing to bring their business there. The survey can not only obtain important information to help better your business and what rewards you offer, it can also help keep your customers feeling valued and appreciated. This, in turn, will increase customer engagement and revenue.

Mobile Reminders And Scheduling

If you have a service-based business, an app that can help your customers make appointments on their phone or tablet will be both beneficial to the customers and a time saver to the business. The app can also help by sending in-app push notifications or SMS messages to customers to confirm appointments and send out reminders.

Mobile Payments


One of the biggest benefits a local business may find from using mobile apps is that they can begin to accept mobile payments. There are many types of mobile payment solutions that businesses may try. All of them offer similar benefits including the ability to swipe credit cards, take payments on the go in minutes and saves time by not needing a big register or other customized payment system to accept payments from customers.

Mobile Customer Service

Mobile apps can also help local and small business owners better help their customers. Some businesses need to respond to their customers in a small time frame in order to keep up the reputation. An app can help customer service representatives gain access to customer communication from anywhere and at anytime. This will ensure the ability for a business to keep up with rising customer demands.

Mobile Sales Support And CRM

When it comes to customer relationship management or CRM, mobile apps can give a local business a wide array of capabilities right at their fingertips. An app can help the business keep track of contacts, tasks, opportunities, projects, organizations, emails and more. A mobile CRM can be a time saver because it takes the place of having to manually write down important information or having to try and remember details by memory. With the use of a mobile CRM, sales reps can also log in and check their client information, access their current sales pipeline and other relevant client information. These types of apps save time and gives the business a more professional way to run business while keeping real-time insight on the performance of the sales employees. This insight may be used to help adjust sales strategies and create a more predictable and sustainable growth model for the business.

Reach New Customer Base

While you may have a good customer base already, a mobile app can greatly increase your potential to reach more customers. An app is a great way to reach a brand new audience who might be experiencing your brand for the very first time. You can use the app to showcase services and products that can both benefit the user as well as act as a not-so-obvious marketing ad for your business as well.

It is unfortunate that many local and small businesses don’t fully realize the untapped potential for venturing out in the mobile world with their products and services. No matter what size a business is, all businesses can benefit from being able to provide their customers and clients with a productive and fun mobile experience that is tailored around their brand.