Did you know that your mobile app developers spend only 29% of development time on frontend app development? 70% of the actual development time is spent on integration, security, testing and design work.

But seriously, 70%?


So, here is my bucketlist of tools that will help you bring down the time spent on backend work while developing mobile apps.

Push Notification Tools:

Push notification feature is one of the most anticipated features of enterprise mobile apps. Have you spent your time developing one right up from the ground? Well, try tools like PushBot, Push Woosh, Parse Push etc.

User Analytics:

User analytics is slowly emerging as the key admin feature of mobile apps as mobility infiltration continues in enterprises. Here are a couple of tools you could try: Flurry, Mixpanel, Heap etc.

Beta Testing Tools:

Beta testing underlines one of the most popular adages – prevention is better than cure. It is crucial to understand and eliminate the susceptibilities of a mobile app prior to its launch and there are tools that will help you with this task. TestFlight, Hockey App, Ubertesters are a few to name.

Automated App Testing:

You may wonder if everything related to mobile app testing be automated? No. For example you cannot automate UX testing. But there are other aspects that you could automate like, performance testing, load testing etc. Take advantage of tools like Apkudo, Appurify, MonkeyTalk etc. in automating your mobile app testing.

Crash and performance monitoring:

After all that goes into developing and launching a mobile app, the effort made in constant app monitoring to manage and avoid crashes will determine the success of an app. Make use of tools like App Annie, AppFigures, Bugsense etc. to help you out in crash and performance monitoring of mobile apps.

Hope this list helps to bring down your efforts in certain areas while developing mobile apps. What are the tools you utilize in your organization? I am more than happy to extend my bucket list.

Take charge of your enterprise mobility. Gain insights on what constitutes to a successful mobile app strategy from the below infographic:

Reference: VisionMobile-Developer-Economics-Q3-20141.pdf; Image Source: play.google.com