From a glorified phablet to the biggest revolution in the history of iPhone, the iPhone 6 has received every kind of review. To us iPhone lovers, it surely did an amazing job with the glorious iOS 8, not to mention a 4.7-inch screen and a 7.1mm thin body. And given that Apple’s iPhones only get better and better with each progression, we can expect Apple’s next big thing, the iPhone 6S, to be another revolution in the smartphone market. While Apple has been delightfully mysterious about its next release, knowledgeable pundits from around the world have already started making educated guesses as to the features of the iPhone 6S. That, garnished with a few official declarations from Apple itself, is what we are going to serve for today’s expensive meal!

Release Dates and Official Announcements

iPhone 6S - Specs - Color - Release Date
The Amazing iPhone 6S

The Apple iPhone 6S release date was correctly predicted to be somewhere between September 9 and 18, before Apple officially announced that the iPhone 6S is going to hit the markets on September 9, not unlike its earlier release of the iPhone 6, also released on a September 9 last year. It is now being predicted that this release will also herald the upcoming revelations of iPhone’s next two models, the 6S Plus and the 6C.

Aesthetics and Design

Looks are the first thing that attract our attention, and indeed, Apple is going to make some really delicious changes in the same field in its new model. While thin is the way to go, iPhone 6S might come with a thicker body, in order to accommodate for a more durable battery. But not to worry, iPhone 6S is going to make up for that with a stronger case and an even larger screen. It will still be using the 7000 series aluminum used in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, though things are going to get a lot fancier as iPhone 6s comes up in a variety of colors, including a cute pink and a luxurious 14 karat gold edition to match a more expensive taste.


Software is all that matters to us users, as it is ultimately the only thing we keep on staring at every time we use our phone. Be not afraid! iPhone 6S is going to be power-packed with the stunning iOS 9, which will be a revolution in itself. A preview of the new iOS was released at the Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference on June 8. It is going to introduce an updated version of Siri, a low-power mode that extends battery life, a better News application, a better map, changes to Apple Pay and much more! Rest assured, nerds, your desires will be kept in mind!

Tech Specs

The iPhone 6S will be coming with a more powerful Qualcomm processor, powered with 2GB of RAM and a ‘9X35′ Gobi chip. This will double the speed of LTE networks and make the iPhone 6S significantly high-powered. There will be extended battery life, fixing the iPhone 6’s moderately low battery life issue. It may even include support for inductive charging. The camera specifications are also expected to increase to a more high-end 12 megapixels.


The price of the iPhone 6S is yet to be revealed by Apple, although predictions state that it won’t be much more than the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus models. So you will probably have an iPhone 6S for around $700 or around. Prices will go further down if you pair it up with a career contract.

Be it in terms of price, technology, aesthetics or usability, the iPhone 6S is surely a much-awaited breakthrough in the smartphone world. We can only speculate for now, but more official declarations will be in soon.

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