Use These 4 Apps to Keep Your Business on Track

Keep Your Business in Focus With These 4 Apps

Today I have some top apps to help your business keep the momentum going all year long.

As we enter into the second month of the year you want to maintain your goals in order to move your growth forward. There are mobile resources that can help you stay focused and not lose momentum. Do you need to maintain that same energy you had at the beginning of the year? Take advantage of these resources, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Achieve your goals –

Create new habits and develop better leadership skills., is a free or paid app which can be used to manage your career, formulate a new path for your business, stay fit, ect. Choose the paid option for coaching or just focus on the habit tracker to start. You will achieve a better direction of where you want to go this year.

2) Build your own self-improvement – ThinkUp

Do you need to infuse more positivity into your work week? ThinkUp for iOS helps you to accomplish more by changing your mindset. Use this app for motivational and success affirmations in a professional way. Choose either daily motivation or switch over to relaxation later in your day.


3) Stay more productive – Productivity Challenge Timer

We’ve all put off one task to start or finish another. The Productivity Challenge Timer app for iOS will help your business focus and finish important projects. Its effective timer will help keep you on task with fun graphics and an easy interface. Make productivity an enjoyable experience instead of something to dread.

Productivity Challenge Timer

4) Practice mindfulness each day – Mojo

Rewire your mindset to more fulfillment and happiness. Mojo is a helpful tool that is available for mobile users who want to learn how to practice more gratitude and keep a journal. Enjoy the privacy feature so that your data is never shared with anyone along with a pleasant graphics interface.


Hopefully you will find these focus apps for business helpful and keep you more productive and efficient this year. Are there any that you would like to add as well?