Johnny Rockets is placing QR codes on table tents

It’s very important that every QR code marketing campaign has a focus, and Johnny Rockets’ does. The company knows what they want to get from their campaign and what they’re going to give consumers in return. Johnny Rockets wants to build their customer database by acquiring more emails and they’re providing discounts and promotional incentives for receiving that information.

When customers scan the QR code, according to Mobile Commerce Daily, they’ll be taken to a Johnny Rockets’ mobile-friendly landing page where they’ll be asked to provide their name, address, city, state, zip code, and the location of the Johnny Rockets they go to the most.

Once that info has been submitted, consumers will begin receiving special offers and information regarding current Johnny Rockets’ promotions. Says Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems: “Johnny Rockets’ QR code marketing campaign should have a high success rate because they’ve hit all the right components for success. They’ve placed the QR codes on table tents in their restaurants, which gives consumers ample time to scan them with their phones. They also made sure the QR codes direct to a mobile-friendly landing page (which is something many people unfortunately forget the importance of), and they offer consumers a clear incentive for providing their contact info in the form of discounts and access to exclusive promotions.”

We want to know: What have you found the most important element of a QR code marketing campaign to be?