Jay-Z and Samsung Team Up

It’s the media mogul rap superstar’s deal with a smart phone giant that is making a buzz in the music world, and could end up changing the way mobile and music do business, in a way that may revolutionize the music industry.

Mobile giant, Samsung, and superstar, Jay-Z, made a mutually beneficial deal to help promote Jay-Z’s new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, while simultaneously promoting the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung purchased one million advance copies of Magna Carta Holy Grail, which will be released to the general public on July 7, 2013, but will be released 72 hours (July 4th) in advance of the public release date, to Samsung Galaxy smartphone users for free. That’s right, 72 hours early and for free; users only need to download the free Jay-Z Magna Carta app to get an album copy.

What does this do for the music industry?

Jay-Z And Samsung: Music + MobileWith the declining sales plaguing the music industry in the past few years, this deal could be an artist’s saving grace to increase sales and bring the concept and excitement around albums back to life.

For this release, Jay-Z’s album had $5 million in sales before the official release, which is quite a deal in an industry that has been losing sales due to music download sites that allow users to pick and choose (iTunes and Amazon), free streaming music (Pandora and Spotify), and even pirating sites (like Napster, back in the day).

But what’s in it for Samsung?

With this deal, Samsung, along with shelling out $5 million, has received Jay-Z’s full endorsement in beautifully crafted advertisements (the first one, which was a three-minute feature that debuted during the NBA Finals) and a ton of traffic on their Galaxy smartphones and app store. The mentioned Samsung commercial that originally featured this deal, is being repurposed from TV and used as promotion on MagnaCartaHolyGrail.com, where users can download the app to get the album early.

Since Samsung is a leading electronics company fiercely competing with Apple in the mobile phone industry, this deal could continue to bring Samsung’s smartphones one step closer to Apple’s mobile phone empire.

So overall, this could prove to be a big hit for Jay-Z by improving his sales and strengthening his empire. For Samsung, artists hoping to make similar deals, could end up turning to the mobile giant and promote Samsung’s smartphone. Along with the artists, music fans may be contemplating switching to Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone hoping they will be able to grab new album releases before they become available to the public.

This Samsung/Jay-Z collaboration could change the future for the music industry. With album pre-releases becoming available via mobile apps, the music industry could start earning those sales that are being lost to single downloads and streaming sites that are taking over the industry. The mobile musical duet could be the next step in upping Samsung’s game and bringing music fans back to the music album.

We will find out…