Well, it’s happening, mobile is taking over and to prove the point, March 2011 could be the first month when Google gets more than 10% of all paid search impressions from mobile, according to a new analysis by Performics. The report goes on to say that, “This comes on the heels of IDC’s report that smart phones outsold PCs for the first time ever in Q4 2010 (100.9 million smart phones vs. 92.1 million PCs sold worldwide). “

Hard to believe, but the data shows people are using their phones more and more for search, research and shopping.

Mobile proved to be a critical research channel in Q4 2010, with mobile CTR surpassing computer CTR across the entire period. In January we’ve seen a return to prior year comparative performance.

To allow marketers to capitalize on this shift, MediaPost reports that Google has added features like click-to-call to mobile ads. The phone number in the ad enables consumers to begin a call to a business immediately, just as they would click through to the company’s Web site. Performics predicts that mobile will also drive more than 10% of Google search clicks as well as impressions next month.

What does this mean for data-driven marketers?

The mobile game is on. This should serve as a reminder that adding a mobile component to your campaign should no longer be small consideration. Hop to it.

The getting is good. Mobile CPC’s while increasing, are still more affordable than computer CPCs. We do anticipate that these CPCs will rise once other competitors enter the mobile marketplace, since this area is currently less saturated than the desktop space.

Placement is important. The amount of ads delivered may differ from phone to phone so ideally you want to be in the top two ads. This will avoid users having to scroll a long way down the page to see an ad at the bottom.

Mobile Sites. Directing your mobile traffic to an optimized mobile site is critical for success in your mobile strategy.

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