The anticipation preceding the iPhone’s release was breathless. After Apple launched it to the public, it garnered great reviews and indeed practically became the center of attention in today’s high-tech universe.

Of course, every piece of high technology will have its fans as well as its critics. Technology tends to bring out the partisan in everybody. But what are some of the criticisms leveled at the iPhone, and are they valid?

A common complaint about the iPhone is its battery life. The iPhone’s high-tech features such as revolutionary sensors, multi-touch technology and advanced operating system do require their fair share of battery power. However, the efficient A4 chip helps to maximize battery life.

Another frequent criticism of the iPhone has been its use of AT&T’s Edge network, one that is considered sluggish compared to others. Studies by Consumer Reports and many others have concluded that Verizon has a superior network than AT&T.

However, AT&T’s lock on the iPhone may be about to end. According to insiders, Apple is going to release an iPhone carried by Verizon wireless dealers, making the iPhone a stronger competitor against cell phones running Google’s Android OS and countering one of the most common criticisms leveled against the iPhone. The new iPhone is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2011.

Other criticisms against the iPhone have already been addressed by Apple. An update to the IOS has allowed for copying and pasting and instant messaging has been popular on the iPhone for some time now. Such messaging apps for the iPhone include IM+ Push, Beejive, Agile Messenger with Push, AIM, Yahoo!, Palringo and others. Another criticism has been that the iPhone does not support A2DP, but as of the release of iPhone OS 3.0, that too has been rectified.

The iPhone does lack an external memory slot, which adds to its sleek form factor but may disappoint those who insist that there should be some way to expand the memory.

The iPhone may be the best handheld phone on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect or that there is no room for improvement. With each new iPhone release, Apple continues to improve an already great product but, of course, the competition is nipping at its heels. The iPhone has revolutionary features, however, and, if you need the best there is, it is worth the money.

With its engineered aluminosilicate glass, its Retina Display that gives it the highest resolution screen on a phone ever, its outer band made of Apple’s own stainless steel alloy, the Apple A4 chip, the motion sensing gyroscope plus accelerometer, a five megapixel still camera and HD video camera with built-in LED flash, not one but two built-in speakers, and the groundbreaking multi-touch display, the iPhone has far more going for it that is worth praise than criticism.

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