Can you think of anything your iPhone can’t do?

Alright, perhaps it can’t do everything. iPhones can’t toast your morning breakfast or pilot your vehicle for you. Yet. All evidence points to the iPhone steadily increasing its relevance in our daily functionality as each year brings a new model with a wealth of features. But are all of these features good?

Despite all of the benefits of the iPhone, the device has also brought about a lot of concerns. Parents, in particular, worry what their children are doing on their iPhones. Who are they contacting? What are they searching for? What types of music are they listening to? How are they interacting on their social accounts?

In response to this desire for this information, a new series of applications have been designed to provide parents with the answers they need. As teens are accessing mobile devices and social networks at increasingly younger ages, what can parents do to teach and encourage safe usage?

teen safe


Apps like TeenSafe, one app at the forefront of teen monitoring, allows worried or precautionary parents to access their teens cell phone content through their Apple ID. Since there’s no jailbreak required, the phone never has to physically leave their teen’s presence. It’s completely undetectable and aggregates all of a teens platforms (SMS, social platforms, call records) into one user-friendly page.

The Reality of Monitoring Apps

In the case of parental monitoring, there exists an obligation to keep kids safe and to prepare them against temptations and irresponsible decisions.  As parents, if a device out there exists to help us better protect our children, should we not enable it? Knowledge is power, and knowing where a child is and who they’re with could save a life or two.

mom and teen

What’s your stance on monitoring apps?