More salespeople are delivering iPad presentations to prospects and clients than ever before. Here are just a few ways to make those presentations even more effective.


A while back, I wrote that the iPad was quickly becoming the preferred tool for salespeople, especially when it came to presenting PowerPoint and other content to potential customers on the road. The benefits of PowerPoint for tablets were simple to identify – iPad devices are super flexible, “always on”, and help make a strong first impression with new audiences.

As you probably know, the SlideShark app provides this value by enabling reps to deliver PowerPoint content straight from their iPads the way it was meant to be seen – complete with fonts, graphics, animations and so on.

But while the ability to simply view and show PowerPoint content on their iPads is a huge boon for mobile reps, there’s even more they can do to make those iPad presentations even more powerful. With that in mind, here are five tools to consider when presenting sales messages with SlideShark.

#1. Presenter Mode While iPads are obviously ideal for small or one-on-one presentations, reps can also connect to a projector for larger meetings, just like they would when using a laptop. You can always wing the presentation from there if you’d like, but sometimes it’s better to have what you want to say in front of you (especially when it comes to complicated messaging/product lines or highly-regulated information).

Presenter Mode in SlideShark enables reps to view slide notes while presenting from their iPads so they don’t forget any key points during their meetings. The best part? Those same slide notes are hidden from all the other people viewing on the big screen.

#2. iPhone Remote Control Some reps prefer to stand up and walk around during presentations, especially in larger rooms. In times like these, pushing your slides on your iPad might not be the most practical approach.

Fortunately, you can easily use your iPhone as a remote device and control your slides straight from there. If walking into a meeting with an iPad already makes a strong impression, just think about how cool presenting with your iPhone will look!

#3. Broadcasting OK, so you can present to small groups with your iPad, or connect to a projector/TV for large meetings. Now — what if some people aren’t in the room with you?

Fortunately, you can also broadcast your slides live to remote attendees, and once again control them straight from your iPad. No need to set up a screen share or provide cumbersome login details; just send a link and have them click on it to follow along from whatever device they are using.

#4. Annotations Sometimes it can be helpful to highlight certain parts of your slides on the fly, especially if your meeting goes in a direction you weren’t expecting.  While reps probably want to avoid drawing on their iPad screens with a highlighter (because that would be weird), they can use annotation tools to emphasize key points in their slides.

SlideShark makes it easy to do this in real time, with a variety of colors and thicknesses to choose from for annotating with shapes, words – whatever the presentation calls for.

#5. Hyperlinks This one should be pretty self-explanatory, but basically, no matter how strong your slides are, sometimes a rep will need to go outside of PowerPoint to show their audience a separate webpage, product demo – anything to help support the sales message.

Since SlideShark presents your slides with all elements intact, this includes hyperlinks as well. This way, a rep can include a hyperlink in their slides, click on them during the presentation to go outside PowerPoint, then seamlessly return to their slides when they are ready. They can even jump to different slides later in the same presentation if they’d like, quickly and easily.

Those are five simple, yet powerful tools that salespeople can use to deliver more effective iPad presentations, but that’s not all SlideShark can do. To learn more, visit the SlideShark for Business page and start a free trial to test out everything the app has to offer.

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