Good Technology’s mobility index report suggests Apple’s iOS devices thrive inside the enterprise and are clear favorites. However, the emphasis is now not just limited to the types of devices employees bring to the workplace. It now shifts to the next level of mobility: the raw power of mobile application and its role in improving customer service levels and business opportunities.

The latest mobile security report from Good Technology reveals some interesting facts and figures.

  • iOS dominates as the platform of choice for enterprise app deployment with 98 percent and 95 percent of total app activations in Q2 and Q3 respectively. While Android is gaining enterprise market share on the device side.
  • Custom apps are the fastest growing category with a 52 percent growth sequentially in the third quarter.
  • Secure mobile app activations were up 42 percent from the second quarter to the third quarter.
  • Tablets are more popular for mobile app usage.
  • iOS reported 90 percent of the total tablet activations in Q3.

Here are the highlights of the report:
iOS Still Rules the Enterprise

While Android is growing at a rapid pace, iOS is still the most preferred choice in the enterprise. iOS recovered from a slight decrease in activations in Q2 at 69 percent with a 72 percent of total device activations in Q3. The reason behind this dip could be due to consumers waiting in anticipation of new models and holding off purchase of iPhone devices. With the launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, it will be interesting to see whether the pendulum swings in favor of iOS in Q4 2013.

good mobile index 1

Smartphones or Tablets

  • Tablets are more popular for mobile app usage. Nearly 81 percent of apps activated this quarter on this form factor.  iOS maintains a strong presence in this area with 90 percent of total tablet activations in Q3.
  • Smartphones are favored for instant messaging.
  • Smart phones have an edge (at least a bit) with just 51 percent of activations for instant messaging.

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Apps: What Works for Users?

91 percent document editing apps were activated for tablets, followed by file access and custom applications.
Custom-developed apps top the popularity charts with most number of activations on smartphones

Android: Is Getting Bigger and Perhaps Better?

Android smartphones witnesses the greatest increase in total activations at 27 percent in Q3, up from 21 percent in Q1 2013. The  future looks promising for Android as the total number of Android app activations almost tripled from Q2 to Q3. The changing scenario hints at the fact that enterprises are becoming more comfortable with Android as a feasible and secure platform.

While Android witnessed its highest tablet activations in Q2 at 16 percent, the rise took a worrying dip back to 10 percent of total activations in Q3. With new iPad Air launched, Q4 might come with new challenges.

Is There Hope for Windows?

Windows Phone activations made up to barely one percent of total activations each quarter, up slightly from total activations in the last two quarters.

But Where did Good Technology Get this Data from?

According to Goods “The metrics cited in this report are generated directly from Good’s internal data, as aggregated from all devices activated across Good’s worldwide customer base.” BlackBerry was conspicuously left out from the report. Good Technology did not have insight into BlackBerry handset activation trends as RIM devices use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server only for corporate email access. More than 5,000 customers represented in this report include bellwether companies– from Financial Services, Healthcare to Legal, Government, and High Tech making this one of the most comprehensive reports on Mobility index.