Konrad Group iOS 7
Apple is set to introduce a new design standard for iOS 7 early this September. While much has been written about the new look and feel of the operating system, it is important for developers and stakeholders to consider a strategy to update their existing applications in order to continue to offer users the best possible mobile user experience and ensuring consistency in functionality and design. What has been stressed, is that developers and creative teams should learn how to use the new UI elements such as borderless buttons, translucent bars and full screen layout for apps to allow for a smooth transition to the new operating system. Amidst the ongoing speculation and excitement over what exactly the iOS 7 launch will hold, we have compiled a list of the top ten notable features you should familiarize yourself with right now.

1. Dynamic Type Size

  • Font sizes can be dynamically changed by users
  • Automates many of the text layout functions
  • Better for the visually impaired user

2. 60fps Video Capture

  • 60 frames per second will enhance any applications that are video capture focused
  • This feature provides smoother footage The more frames the better for slow motion work

3. Native Barcode Scanning

  • Developers will no longer have to rely on third party frameworks as there will be native support for barcode scanning
  • This feature ensures consistency across all iOS 7 devices
  • Users can now add coupons, store cards, etc. to Passbook via QR code scanning

4. MFi (Made for iPhone) Game Controllers

  • iOS 7 will include support for hardware game controllers specifically made for the iPhone
  • Controllers can be form-fitting (the iPhone can sit inside the controller) or wireless
  • Enabling controllers will also be simple as they will be automatically connected when discovered by the OS
  • Huge plus for existing games where touching the screen during gameplay might hinder the experience

5. Background Asset Downloading

  • Apps will now be able to continue downloading assets when the app is minimized instead of immediately stopping
  • iOS 7 will take into consideration your network connectivity and adjust the background downloading process accordingly (faster on WiFi, slower on non-optimal conditions)

6. Directions

  • API Users will be able to receive directions to a destination in-app instead of being re-directed into the Maps app/Google Maps
  • No longer required to use Google Maps if you want to display directions (google directions API results can only be displayed on a google map)

7. UI Dynamics

  • Physics can be applied to the UI
  • This feature gives a much more realistic look/feel

8. Air-Drop in App

  • Users can easily share images and other files between each other, within the application

9. Background App Refresh

  • iOS 7 allows all apps to do background updates/refreshing, we are not limited to location and audio based apps
  • Smart updating means your apps get updated depending the frequency of use and what times you use the app

10. Automatic App Updating

  • App updates will now automatically download in the background, users no longer have to go to the App Store and manually update
  • Should drastically reduce version fragmentation of apps

Business Features: 

  • Apple highlighted new business features in iOS 7, revealing corporate management tools, per app VPN, licence management, single-sign on, and improvements to Mail, among other changes
  • “Open in” management gives businesses the ability to set which app or account opens a document or attachment, helping to keep work documents in corporate apps and preventing them from opening personal attachments
  • Per app VPN means specific apps can be set to always connect over VPN at launch, so data sent via business apps is kept secure
  • The App Store has improved its licence management, making it easier to push out apps to users and revoke them if needed
  • Enterprise single-sign credentials can be used to cover all corporate apps, removing the need for a user to repeatedly enter passwords
  • Apple has also redesigned Mail, introducing new gestures to make it easier to navigate, a redesigned search tool, and note syncing tools for Microsoft Exchange 2010 users
  • Other new business features in iOS 7 include updated mobile-device management (MDM) configuration options and set-up tools, third-party app data protection, and support for Caching Server 2, to make corporate downloads faster

iOS 7 will be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, the iPad 2, iPad third and fourth generation, the iPad mini and the iPod touch fifth generation, likely due to some of the more powerful needs of the new OS.

This article was originally posted on the Konrad Group blog. For more information about the company and their services, please visit www.konradgroup.com.