Intro to Mobile Marketing Part II: How to Improve Your Company’s Mobile Marketing Campaign

Now that you understand a bit about mobile marketing, it’s time to go deeper. Use what you learned about mobile marketing and make it work for your brand.

Mobile marketing is an evolving game. Every new advance in technology and each new trend adds another layer of complexity to successful mobile marketing. Now that you’ve gained a basic understanding of how mobile marketing works, it’s time to start making it work for your brand to maximum effect.

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How to Improve Your Mobile Strategy

Mobile is the fastest growing area for digital advertising in the country, and this growth doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Keep the following tips in mind as you assess your brand’s impact on the mobile marketplace.

Optimize Content for Mobile

Content is crucial if you want to stay relevant. You not only need to offer valuable, interesting content, but you must also keep your customers coming back for more. Since more and more people use mobile platforms, your content should be just as readable and enjoyable on a mobile device as it is on a desktop monitor. Ensure your content team can optimize deliverables for smaller screen sizes and touchscreen scrolling.

Your customer’s won’t relish an unappealing website, but nothing will turn away a mobile customer faster than an unwieldy mobile interface. Make sure your content is enjoyable on any size screen, and you’ll convey expertise, reliability, and value to your customers by providing valuable content that can be cherished from anywhere and on any device.

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Understand Responsive Design

Customers like to know when they make a wise choice or do something right. Responsive design is the idea that every action offers some sort of response to let the user know they correctly performed an action. For example, if you have a Sign Up button for your customers to join your mailing list or receive updates, the button should change, or there should be a small animation or other design element to confirm that the desired action was completed.

Why Analytics Are Tremendous Assets

As you fine-tune your mobile marketing strategy, keep tabs on your successes and improvements. Marketing professionals rely on several analytical tools to assess performance, such as the Google AdWords Performance Grader. Take the time to develop a reporting structure that collates data from every relevant metric.

Trim What Isn’t Working

Your marketing efforts thrive when you run consistent analytics to check what is and isn’t working. There’s always something you can improve, and you may notice that a certain area of your marketing strategy consistently underperforms. Assess your mobile strategy’s efficacy, and always look for ways to do better.

Make Your Content Shareable

Social media is an incredible resource for marketers—you can create strong connections to your customer base and generate meaningful interactions. When optimizing for mobile, it’s important to ensure that your content can be easily shared, tweeted, pinned, and re-blogged on a variety of social media channels.

Never Stop Improving

Your mobile marketing strategy hinges on consistency and innovation. If you take the time to craft a proprietary app, make sure your customers use it. If they don’t, find out why. Are they aware of it? Do they enjoy using it? What type of reviews does your app receive on the app marketplace? This is just one example of how vital customer feedback is for marketers. Give your customers what they want, and consistently provide value—and they’ll keep coming back.


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