Your-App-Plus-Social-MediaIf your only goal on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., is to build a massive following, you’re doing social media marketing wrong. Bestselling author, Jay Baer, put it best, “You need to activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.”

Your app can help turn your passive social audience into powerful brand evangelists if you do these four things:

Tip #1: Find a fun way to promote your app on social platforms to elicit interest

Your existing social circles are a great place to recruit new app users. The people that follow you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., want to see the human side of your brand, so promote your app to this group in a fun, casual, and unique way. Doing something fresh on social media will earn your app attention, downloads, and virality.

Get some inspiration from Taco Bell. When the fast food behemoth launched its new app, its marketing team blacked out their social media accounts to boldly drive eyeballs and traffic to it.


Tip #2: Add social media sharing capabilities into your app to grow your social reach

Because a lot of our content consumption now happens on the go, make it easy for your loyal app users to tweet, like, and share your app’s content. In-app social CTAs (that are large enough to see and click) will help your app’s content spread on social media and amplify the conversations happening around your brand.

For instance, notice how neatly Brit + Co has embedded social sharing buttons at the beginning of their in-app articles. On the other hand, Free People uses in-app messages to launch social contests. These contests encourage app users to repost Free People’s products on personal social profiles.


Tip #3: Allow people to sign up for your app using their social accounts to increase conversions

Filling out forms can be painful – especially on a small mobile screen. If your app requires users to sign up (or sign in) in order to use all of its features, allow people to register using their social accounts. Through social sign-on, your app can automatically pull in information from the user’s respective social app and prepopulate forms. Then, all your app user needs to do is confirm that their information is correct. With a sign-up process this simple and streamlined, you’ll encourage more people to create in-app profiles convert, and do more with your app.

Check out how Living Social expedites users’ account set-up by allowing them to log in with their Facebook accounts.


Tip #4: Feed social activity into your app to encourage engagement

People are inspired by each other. We like seeing what our friends are up to – it motivates us to act. So, consider building a social feed into your app. Show your users that the people they care about are also using your app. This will be the social proof they need to remain engaged. Take a look at how South by Southwest (SXSW)’s app pulls in information from Facebook to connect attendees with their friends who are also coming to the conference.


Big Takeaway: Make your app social and you’ll spark word of mouth

Today, people turn to their friends (instead of to corporations) to get their opinions on products to buy and things to try. Plus, a lot of what people used to do on the web, they now do in apps – like reading the news, listening to music, and shopping.

By integrating your app with social media, you give your customers another avenue to share how they’re interacting with your business and how they’re using your app.

And each positive social mention (and connection) is like someone giving your brand a public stamp of approval to the people in their network.

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