Dairy milk Silk a little app

This month, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, the premium chocolate bar from Mondelez Foods had announced the launch of an Android app where loyal fans, also referred to as ‘silkaholics’, could have some fun and frolic. The further temptation was the possibility to play and earn points every time. Having downloaded and played on the Cadbury Dairy Milk World app, when the chocolate brand had revamped its flavours, I looked forward to having a go at this one.

The Android app called ‘Silk a little’ has some mixed reviews entered by users at Google Play. So I decided to download it and see for myself.

Powered with a Facebook login, the app is rich in design and layout. It offered three activities:

Swipe For Silk that tests your skills to mould your favourite bar of Silk.

Photo Booth with which you can personalize your pictures with quirky edit tools. Also, every time you shake your phone, there’ll be something new!

Silk Check-in with which you can turn your pictures into visual check-ins while adding some Silk templates.


I began with ‘Swipe for Silk’ by choosing the variant I wanted to mould from Milk chocolate, Fruit & Nut, Roast almond and Orange Peel. The idea is simple –While all the ingredients keep falling, you need to swipe away the ingredients that do not belong to the chosen variant. The game will end when the wrong ingredients have entered the mould.

I had a tough time swiping among falling orange peels, almonds, cocoa beans and raisins.

Next I checked out the ‘Photo Booth’ where one can draw or shake. I chose to draw and was given the option to take a picture or select from silkalittle photo booththe gallery. You can stickers to your picture like a spectacle, hat, moustache, crown , etc. You can add frames, filters and text too. Interestingly, there is something called ‘silkify’ with which you can smear some chocolate over your face, lips, etc.

Don’t like what you see, you can always undo the effects or revert to the original picture. If you like it, click ‘done’ and the app offers to save it on your phone or share it on Facebook and elsewhere.

Silk check-in is cool. You can check in using the themed templates provided by the app – holiday, fun, food, travel, etc. Silk has added that little extra to make your check-ins interesting.

Engaging silkaholics on the go

With smartphone sales on the rise in the country, more and more youngsters are hooked onto their social lives through their smartphones. Having an app therefore makes good business sense to keep them engaged with your brand communication. Cadbury seems to be on a mobile route for all its chocolate variants this year. While engaging its community on the go, a mobile app will ensure one more medium for storytelling, without being too promotional.

Moreover, the silk a little app is rich in design and offers smooth functionality. Going further it can add more games and features in the newer versions. Silkaholics are sure going to love the photo booth and silk check ins, in addition to the swiping game!