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IKEA Augmented Reality App

IKEA creates a great environment to preview and purchase an entire room of furniture and accessories as you chow down on delicious cinnamon buns. But what if you are in search of just one trendy piece to perfect your stylish décor? Ever wonder how this furniture will fit in to your home without having a quick preview? Color and textile matching can become a bit overwhelming when your space is out of sight. Not anymore with the new IKEA augmented reality app.

IKEA has developed a new app that allows you to place IKEA products in your home through augmented reality technology. Without even leaving your front door you can preview, place and purchase the exact look you had in mind. The new 2014 catalog will feature 3D renderings of IKEA products that you can place virtually anywhere in your home. Pretty cool, huh?

August 25th was the release date of the new augmented reality application. This technology will ensure that you have the ability to pick the product that is the perfect size, color, and style to neighbor the rest of your abode. The IKEA augmented reality app has made the ultimate online shopping experience with the allowance of 50 pages and 90 products to preview.

Download the new IKEA catalog app to your iOS or Android Smartphone and let the interior designer in you emerge. The 360-degree device sensors and augmented reality app will allow the hand-clicked item to appear at the exact size. You will now have an idea of how it will look without having to assemble and lug it around your home just find that you hate the way it. Just click, place, and erase.