Last month, Apple unveiled the next version of its iOS mobile operating system. And with the second beta of the tool available now for developers, iPhone and iPad owners can expect some exciting developments in the coming months that take advantage of the new capabilities of the software.

So what will this mean for enterprise users? Apple devices have exploded in popularity among businesses in the last year or so and the firms is clearly keen to capitalize on this, as it has been promoting a range of new features that are said to be particularly suited to the workplace.

ios7 multitasking

iOS 7’s improved multitasking will allow you to collaborate via your iPhone more easily than before.

Apple is highlighting features such as the ability to configure VPNs on a per-app basis for more fine-tuned control over corporate network access, new mobile device management options such as the ability to wirelessly set up managed apps and printers, and much tougher security solutions – encryption using the user’s passcode – that should please the chief information officer.

However, it could also be a great choice for individuals looking to improve their communication and collaboration thanks to the range of new additions.

For instance, the new Notification Center can let you know instantly about new messages, missed calls and much more, while integration with your calendar offer a convenient summary of what your agenda is.

Individuals who need to chat to colleagues and refer back to critical documents can also take advantage of the easier multi-tasking features. Apple claims these have been made much smarter, so you can simply switch between collaboration apps to get the full picture at a glance.

The iOS 7 system also features improved voice capabilities. For starters, its Siri virtual assistant has been enhanced, so it can take on extra tasks such as returning calls and playing voicemail. TechCrunch also noted Apple has re-introduced Voice Memos, after this feature was left out of the first beta.

It noted that the interface and icon have been completely redesigned, to bring it in line with the design changes seen throughout iOS7, getting rid of the skeuomorphic rendition of a mic that dominated the previous version and flattening out controls and interfaces.

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