When Apple coined the slogan ‘There’s an app for that’, they weren’t just trying to make catchy ads. There are apps that can turn your phone into a spirit level, show you all of the Italian restaurants in a 5-mile radius, or scan barcodes and compare prices in several shops at once.

So how do you give your app the best chance of survival in a crowded market? You need to write a killer description that makes them want to hit the ‘download’ button.

Get your keywords right – and in the right place

The two most important things to keep in mind when writing for an app store are:

  • the description of your app isn’t searchable by keyword in some stores
  • all app store searches are for an exact match only.

This is, in some ways, a good thing – you don’t have to worry about SEO so much and can really work hard on making the copy unique and exciting. Don’t try to pack the right keywords for your app into the title – it will be far too long and you’ll quickly be identified as a keyword spammer and have your app removed. Add the keywords you want to use in the keywords tab when uploading instead.

Tailor your description to each app store

Only a small amount of copy is immediately visible to users before they click to see more, so put your call to action (download now!) at the beginning. Outline what your app does and how it will help users in the first sentence. If your app is free, point that out – and if there are in-app purchases available, mention them. If it’s already got some rave reviews, quote the best bits.

It’s also worth remember that the length of copy shown by default in the iTunes app store is shorter than for the Google Play store, and Amazon will just list the full description.

Pack your description with creative copy

After the initial hook, you can get into describing the features and benefits of your app. Put the best and most important features first, as you would for any other product – this page is your app’s sales page, after all. A popular choice is to make this section a list of bullet points, as it makes the information clearer and easier to digest.

Keep your sentences short and pack in all of the relevant information, as there are word limits for descriptions. The less time users need to spend reading, the quicker they can download your app.

It’s not possible to format your copy with bold, italics or hyperlinks, so there’s no need to worry about including any of these. Something you should include, however, is contact information for your support team, so that users know they can easily seek help if they’re having app issues.

This article should cover everything you need to know about writing an app description – but if you still don’t feel confident, why not ask a copywriter to do it? Our team of experienced writers know exactly what to say to excite and engage consumers. Contact us today to find out more.