Love sports? Love your iOS or Android operating system? Well, Hothead Games has released the number one game in “sports” for your cell phone. With 80 million matches played and 20 games opening per second, it’s safe to say that Hothead is a major success.

However, to power such a success, Cloudant was introduced to assist in growing their back end database. Realizing that Game Developers were too busy handling data servers to develop games, Cloudant entered as the world’s first globally distributed “data layer as a service”. This includes loading, storing, analyzing, and distributing their application data.

With the help of Cloudant, Hothead Games was able to launch Big Win Hockey and Big Win Baseball over a course of 16 weeks- in turn, the number of Big Win Games played began to rise significantly. Big Win Soccer, another popular game, reached #1 within two days of its launch date. In fact, Cloudant scaled Hothead Games from a 6-server cluster in one database to a 100-server cluster spanning 5 SoftLayer data centers. Therefore, with the help of Cloudant, we can all virtually play sports as if we were in the big leagues.

Check out this infographic presented by Cloudant to learn more about this “big win” game app success story.

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