So, you wanna shoot video with your iphone? Well, you’re in luck. The first post we’re doing in our “How to shoot video with your iphone” series, is all about using a tripod. Let’s start with the basics. For example, what is a tripod? A tripod is a three-legged stand for a camera to prevent unwanted movement that can distract your viewer or make your video look less professional. Use the tripod to help steady and control your shot. It should be used every time you shoot video.

Watch the video regarding proper setup and use of your tripod.

The main components to the tripod are:
Quick Release Plate

A mount or adapter is used to connect your iPhone to the tripod since iPhones, unlike most cameras, require adapters for accessories like a tripod. The mount should always be used to mount your iPhone horizontally, that is, so that you’ll record your video longways rather than tall.

Legs: Each leg has four adjustment points:
three leg extension joints, and a top angle adjustment point.
Use the joint locks to make the tripod taller and adjust the level. The only time you will need to play with the angle lock at the top is if you are trying to get a super low shot.

Head: This is where most of the functionality of a tripod is utilized. The head encompasses the handle, pan and tilt, and the quick release. You can raise the head to give the tripod additional height. To do so, locate the vertical lock located in the apex of the legs and neck. Release the lock and slide the head to the desired height.

Locks: Locks are used all over the tripod to help limit the the mobility when desired. For instance, there are locks to keep the head from moving, but if you release them, you can pan or tilt. The pan lock is a screw based lock by the neck. In order to tilt, rotate the handle to allow movement.

Handle: The handle allows you to control the head. It also doubles as the tilt lock. Quick Release Plate: On top of the tripod, there is a plate that screws into your camera mount. For ease of use, you can remove this plate from your tripod to make the attachment process easier. To release the plate, rotate and hold the spring loaded lock to the open position. While holding it open, remove the plate. Us the thumb screw underneath the plate to attach the camera mount.

Frame: In order to attach your iPhone to the tripod, you will need to use a tripod mount.