There are a lot of ways to design the budget of your app and set up the development process.

Large scale organizations have a budget to hire full-time developers, but small startups outsource the same work and may end up with low-quality work.

Non-tech startups, on the other hand, hire part-time employees or take help from digital agencies.

So, the question is, is there any practical way to reduce your app development cost without compromising on quality?

Yes, there is.

What if you want to transform your million-dollar idea into an app that people would love to use and love to pay for the services you offer? However, your budget, unfortunately, is quite small. What would you do at that moment? You don’t have to be distressed, but to find a solution to the problem.

This article will take you through some of the proven ways which can cut the development cost drastically.

1: Planning

To make anything successful, you need a lot of planning and when it comes to reducing app development costs, you need to be more careful.

At the end of the day, it is your tech startup. Right?

The success of your app will depend on how your audience takes it. So, you need thorough planning to research your targeted audience.

Eventually, it is your customers who will decide the success of your app, and so your audience is the first thing to take into account before you develop an app.

Moreover, do not forget to research your competitors.

While researching your competitors, make sure you note down the following questions:

  • Features they have included.
  • Challenges they are facing.
  • Targeted audience
  • UX/UI

It will help you assess whether you are offering something unique to your customers.

In order to get better ROI out of your app, try to offer something to your audience that stands out from the crowd.

If your app offers something unique, you have to step ahead. A better plan can reduce your costs drastically.

2: Cross-Platform Apps

Your targeted customers can be both iPhone and Android users, but building an app for both platforms can hurt your pocket.

As your customers are spread across both platforms, you cannot miss a chance to lose any of them. So, the best way you can do to save the app development cost is to build cross-platform apps.

You just require an accurate use of technology and experience for building a cross-platform mobile app and these days, many businesses are making use of this technology to save time and cost.

If you are willing to build cross-platform apps, frameworks such as React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap, Xamarin will make it easy for you.

3: Minimum Viable Product

You have the best idea in the market that can make you millions and improve people’s life for good.

But wait, are you missing something? Yes, you are. MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

How do you know that your idea would work? You have done everything in theory, but not yet applied it in real life. What if your app fails? What if people don’t use your app? There can be a lot of reasons why your app startup did not work.

So, why not launch a basic app in the beginning or an MVP?

It will definitely save you money; time and you will get an idea of whether your app is going to work or not.

Big apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. have advanced over a period of time, so can your app.

When your app goes to the app store or play store, you can count on in-app feedback to measure the response to your app. According to that feedback, update your app accordingly.

Also, launching an MVP is an important decision as you have to pick up only the best features to make it a success for the future.

4: Finding the Right Team

Having an idea is not going to make you a big player in the industry. In addition to the planning, you also need the right team.

Having a great team can drastically change everything and when it comes to cost reduction, you need the right set of people that can devote their skill and effort to building the app.

For example, you’ve hired the wrong resources, you will again have to hire the new one and it will cost you more and waste your time.

So finding the right team is crucial if you want to reduce the app development cost and make your app a great success.


Conclusion If you follow the right technique and process, mobile app development will not be as expensive as it seems as you would be cutting a lot of costs in many ways.

Yes, quality comes with a cost but, when it comes to mobile app development, both iOS, and Android, you can reduce the cost dramatically and invest it in some other important work.