Interested in mobile marketing in 2015 and beyond? Better start with an app. Mobile apps are the future and present of mobile marketing and their popularity is growing exponentially. Apps are not only beneficial for small businesses but they’re the key to agency growth moving forward. Offering mobile apps could effectively solve the main issues faced by many in the web design industry.

Differentiating from the competition is possibly the biggest issue agencies face. It’s not everyday that mobile apps are made accessible to small businesses.

Submitting a proposal for a project can be one of the most stressful things in business. How can you win more proposals? Throw in an app! Make it free. I know it sounds crazy to give them away, but the goal is to increase closed deals right? And throwing in an incredible added bonus like a mobile app would definitely seal the deal and would even allow you to increase your price point slightly. Give yourself a solid advantage over your competition.

Change is inevitable, especially in such a volatile industry. Client retention is one of the biggest issues you face and their needs are constantly changing. Don’t let them become bored or complacent with your products. You’ve done a great job for your clients already but you need to prove you’re innovative, give them a reason to keep coming back. Adding mobile apps will do just that. They prove you’re in tune with industry trends and you’ll be one of if not the first in your market to include/add them in your platform.

Below are some situations in which adding mobile apps could benefit your existing revenue stream and provide excellent ROI:

One App Per Month

  • Charge Per App?
    • $1000 setup fee. $50-$100/month hosting.
    • Your ROI: 300-400% with 3 projects per quarter &1 app per month.

Win More Proposals

  • Charge Per Website?
    • Standard build is $5,000 per website and you send out 8 proposals per quarter? If you close half of them, adding a free app to your proposals should increase your win rate by 50%. 4 wins becomes 6 and your quarterly revenue increases by $10,000.

Sell 30 Apps MRR

  • Charge Per App?
    • $100/month per app and no setup fee. $100 x 30 apps = $3,000/MRR
    • If you sell all 30 apps to your clients you’ll be seeing a 1000% return on investment EVERY month – and this is without any set–up fees.

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