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It makes sense to review your finances from time to time. A good way of keeping on top of things is to look into your existing mobile phone plan to see if you can save a few bucks. If you’re considering switching to a SIM only plan to cut down costs then you could be onto a winner but beware; SIM only plans are not always as cost effective as they seem.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past ten years ‘SIM only’ refers to contracts that offer only minutes, texts and data usage. Unlike a mobile phone contract, you don’t get a handset with a SIM only plan.

Contrary to what many people claim; the like for like cost effectiveness of SIM only plans really are quite nominal.

Because the monthly bill associated with a SIM only contract doesn’t offset the cost of a mobile device it can certainly seem a lot cheaper compared to an equivalent mobile phone bill. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will pay less over all.

If you add the cost of any mobile phone to the total cost of a SIM only plan over a two year period and then compare that to the total two year cost of an equivalent mobile phone contract with the same handset, network, minutes, texts and data you will clearly see that there is very little difference.

Despite costing the same as a mobile phone plan, in certain situations it is still possible to save money with SIM only.

SIM only is a highly flexible and cost effective temporary measure for people between mobile phone contracts. They can be used to fill the gap between the end of one mobile phone contract and start of another for customers who don’t want to upgrade immediately.

sim cardsSometimes people don’t upgrade at the end of their contract because they want their next phone to be one that has not yet been released. It is during this intermediate period that a SIM only deal would be very cost effective. And because SIM only plans can be purchased on a one monthly rolling basis customers are free to cancel anytime by giving one month notice to their provider

Similarly some people grow quite attached to their mobiles and don’t upgrade at the end of their contracts because their old phone still works perfectly or they might just dread the thought of having to learn their way around a new one. For these people switching to SIM only will save money!

SIM only plans save money in these situations because typically network providers are more than happy to let their customers’ mobile phone contracts over run. This means that the monthly mobile phone bill customers receive, which was initially calculated to not only pay for mobile usage, but also to buy the handset over the contract period, continues to be charged even after the mobile phone has been paid off.

Whichever reason you have for going the SIM only route it’s important to get the very best value SIM only deal. With lots of providers each offering tens of SIM only plans; choosing the best deal can be hassle. Luckily we have comparison sites to help us with this. Using one of the many SIM contract comparison services will enable you to compare SIM only plans across all mobile providers quickly and easily.

If you like the sound of SIM only but are stuck in the middle of an existing contract fear not! There is a special breed of SIM only plan that can benefit almost everyone… Well, anyone who does even the smallest amount of jet setting. International SIM only plans combat excessive roaming charges with cheap international rates so are perfect for when you’re on holidays.

With international SIMs customers get cheap rates for making and receiving calls and texts when you’re aboard. They are plans are like a hybrid between Pay as you Go and Pay Monthly in that your bank get charged whenever you use them but not if you don’t use them. This gives you flexibility combined with cost effectiveness.