There are different tools that business owners can incorporate with their business’ communication capability. This would ensure that they would be able to provide excellent communication services that would help establish a lasting relationship with their clients. This would ensure an excellent inflow of income by the continued patronization of their customers.

One of these tools is the mobile phone. This gadget is an excellent addition to any business’ communication tools. This would provide business owners the needed mobility they need and flexibility that their work would recommend. With the advent of VoIP services, such as RingCentral business VoIP for example, Internet-capable mobile phones can run these services and in turn become business phones.

But with the great benefits that these gadgets would be able to offer business owners, there are still some downsides to its uses. Business owners should familiarize themselves with these problems in order to anticipate them and prevent any damage done to the business’ communication capability. Luckily, there are modern innovations that are available today that would help address the problems that is accompanied with the use of mobile phones.

One of the greatest problems that befall the use of mobile phones is the battery capacity of this gadget. Most economical, and even high-end mobile phones, can only be used for about eight to ten hours. This time estimate is with the use of its basic phone features, Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, and other features and services.

In order to avoid sudden loss of communication capability with a drained battery, there are different tools and accessories that are available to business owners. If there is no available electrical outlet around, the user can simply use a mobile charger. This tool enables mobile phones users, or any other compatible gadgets, to plug their phone in the mobile charger and it would begin to charge the battery. The user would only need to charge up the mobile charger again to keep its stored energy high for its next use. This is definitely more useful than changing the drained battery to a full one. There would be no more need to turn off the mobile phone causing the user to lose the ability to be reached or call anyone.

Another problem regarding the use of mobile phones is the availability of Internet connection for VoIP service usage. As it known to most business owners, VoIP services need an Internet connection to function. There is an abundance of Wi-Fi hotspots in the country, but not every square inch of it has an Internet connection. This would be a problem with on the road business users who depend on VoIP services for their communication capabilities.

The best solution for this problem is to have a mobile phone that is 3G ready. This means it would connect to Internet through cellular data connection. This is unlike WAP which is slow and unreliable. 3G is stable and can connect a mobile phone user to the Internet in no time. The only problem with this is the cost of having it. But the easy solution for this is to subscribe a 3G plan from a reliable phone carrier. Choose a 3G plan that has flexible payment schemes and reasonable prices. This would then allow the user to connect to the Internet anywhere they are.

Another known problem that plagues even the most careful mobile phone users is the gadget’s fragility. A wrong drop and the unit could break. This could lead to a damage that could result in a temporary or permanent inability to function well. Some damages can be quite expensive to repair and would simply burden its user.

The most basic and useful solution to this is by putting a strap on the unit and connecting it to the person of the user. Though it might look unprofessional, business owners do not need to use a strap with a lot of colors or design on it. They can choose an all-black strap or a color the fits their phone or suit. They don’t even have to wear it all the time. Just strap it in their arms when they use the gadget. It might not prevent the mobile phone to slip from their hands, but at least it would prevent it from hitting the ground.

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