Harvard Business Review has revealed that every year, the on-demand economy attracts over 22.4 million consumers worldwide for spending around $57.6 billion. The growing popularity of on-demand apps is largely attributed to on-demand apps. Every industry, irrespective of size and scale, can leverage the benefits of on-demand apps to attract more customers and expand the reach of the business.

On-demand apps include various industry sectors and provide convenience to millions of people globally. Services ranging from household chores, laundry, personal health to car rentals and products like food, grocery, etc. can be purchased by using fingertips because of on-demand delivery apps. Many online businesses have written their success stories on the basis of on-demand apps. Uber, Lyft, VistaJet, CAOCAO, and TaskRabbit are some of the examples.

It’s 2020 and many entrepreneurs want to integrate on-demand apps in their business system to boost ROI and increase productivity. Isn’t it interesting to go through the benefits of on-demand delivery apps for major industry sectors? Here are some of the greatest beneficiaries of on-demand apps.

Top Industry Sectors that Get Benefits from On-demand Apps

  • Home Services

These days, hectic schedules and heavy workload make it impossible to manage household chores. Here home services come into the picture. On-demand home services have revolutionized the concept of hiring people for various home services like laundry service, electricians, plumbing services, gardening, carpentry services, and AC maintenance services. On-demand apps can enable users to carry out their daily tasks with ease.

What’s more, other services like pest control, online grocery booking, coaching, and home decor services can be booked easily using the custom on-demand app. People can use on-demand apps for repairing their vehicles or booking their services.

Another interesting use of on-demand apps is to provide child care services. Working parents may not spend enough time to take care of their tiny tots, and they can take the assistance of a baby care center through customized on-demand apps.

  • Restaurants/Hospitality

On-demand delivery app development services can provide feature-rich food delivery apps. Such apps enable app users or customers of your restaurant to order their favorite dish, and you can deliver the same at their doorstep. UberEATS and Food Panda are good examples of on-demand food delivery apps.

The restaurant chain can also leverage the benefits of an on-demand food ordering app. Users can simply order their favorite food items in the restaurant of their choice using their fingertips. As per the Morgan Stanley survey, the revenue of the on-demand food delivery apps is expected to reach up to 11% by the end of 2022.

  • Transportation

Whenever we think of car rental services or cab booking apps, Uber comes in our mind instantly. This is an epitome of the success of on-demand apps in the transportation sector. Today, the transportation sector has been divided into various subcategories including on-demand cabs, car rental services, private bus hiring, and truck booking for carrying goods.

Though Ola and Uber have covered a sizeable chunk of the on-demand cab app market, it is fair to mention that there is a lot of room for new players because many people will welcome a new taxi booking app and give it a chance as an Ola or Uber alternative.

Let’s discuss the role of on-demand apps in the travel and tourism industry. On-demand mobile apps enable users to find various tourist destinations and book tickets or hotels in advance. Many tourism companies have embraced on-demand app development and set new milestones.

  • Healthcare

Online appointments for physicians or lab tests and online medication orders are two of the most important features of on-demand healthcare apps. On-demand apps are all set to bring radical changes in the healthcare sector. Telemedicine and other advanced healthcare concepts can be implemented more effectively by using on-demand apps. Patients reside in remote areas can also get immediate access to healthcare services thanks to these apps.

Immediate attention and reduced risks of incorrect diagnosis are other key benefits of custom healthcare on-demand apps. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that more healthcare service providers will embrace on-demand technology soon.

  • Entertainment and Media

How about booking tickets for shows or events using your smartphones? Do you want to provide all sorts of entertainment through an app? Well, on-demand apps can make these possible for you. This is one of the major reasons why the revenue of the media and entertainment apps is increasing. You can enhance brand visibility and improve user engagement too. Push notifications feature can be used smartly to send personalized alerts about events, discounts, live streaming, and other entertainment-related activities.

It is fair to mention that the on-demand app in the media and entertainment sector can certainly improve the user experience. In today’s hectic lifestyle, people may not find time to watch their favorite TV shows at their scheduled time and on-demand entertainment app can enable them to watch these programs as per their convenience. All you need to take care of video quality and easily downloadable content.

  • Real Estate

Just like other sectors, the real estate sector has also started leveraging the benefits of on-demand apps. The on-demand app development companies have considered all the problems related to the real estate sector to develop a customized on-demand solution. Such real estate on-demand apps can offer fastidious services while removing the ‘waiting’ aspect.

As per the survey, 50% of buyers found the desired property online and only 28% of buyers followed the traditional method of hiring a real estate agent. This scenario reveals the scope of the on-demand real estate app. Thanks to this app, users can see agents online rather than waiting for the agent’s reply in the mailbox. The real estate on-demand app offers everything at the fingertips of the users.

Here are the key areas of real estate on which on-demand app impacts-

* Buying and selling processes

*Offer or submission of properties

*Real estate agents are online

Simply put, the real estate on-demand app can save time and cost of prospective buyers. Apart from these major sectors, telecommunication, warehousing, education, and logistics industries can also make the most of custom on-demand apps.

Benefits of On-demand App For Modern Enterprises

Advantage of Mobility

Statista has revealed that the number of mobile phone users is expected to increase by 4.68 billion in 2020. It means that if a business fails to come up with a mobile app, it may face problems. In brief, the benefit of mobility can be leveraged in the best possible way through a mobile app.

Employee Satisfaction

When you hire dedicated developers to develop an on-demand app, you can achieve the desired ROI and increased efficiency. What’s more, your employees will also welcome an app as it can simplify complexities and streamline processes. In a way, an on-demand app can increase the productivity of the company.

Increased Scalability

On-demand mobile apps are high on security and scalability. Customized on-demand apps can keep confidential data safe and they are highly scalable to meet the diverse needs of your business.

Business Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of on-demand delivery app development is it assists businesses to grab unlimited business opportunities. You can get a database consists of valuable information about the app users like their addresses, contact details, interests, and even their online behavior. It can help you make informed decisions to drive your business toward growth.

Here are direct benefits of an on-demand app for your enterprise:

  • You can improve business practices based on data analytics
  • You can spread awareness about offers or activities through personalized messages
  • You can leverage the benefits of email marketing
  • You can engage your customers through a personalized touch
  • You can build and improve ‘business-customer’ relationship
  • You can boost conversion rates and attract more people toward your business


The on-demand app development process is highly cost-effective. You can hire app developers to build a robust on-demand app with necessary features. This app can start generating revenue soon depending on your business model and other factors. Simply put, you can get a high ROI in a short time after launching a customized on-demand app.

Here, you need to take care of one aspect- just do not opt for a readymade app for your business. Instead, you can hire on-demand app developers with reasonable hourly rates.

Customers can easily select service providers and track their orders with ease. The on-demand apps are designed to facilitate customers to give orders and pay online securely. Cashless payment, reviews, and 24/7 support are other benefits of on-demand delivery applications.

Concluding Lines

On-demand delivery applications provide effective and efficient services to consumers. These applications act as a bridge between the company and consumers. Ease of selecting services and secure yet convenient payment options are some of the biggest benefits of on-demand apps for customers. These are the reasons why many enterprises across different industry sectors want to come up with customized on-demand apps. In the coming years, we will witness new industries will follow suit.