Do you think that you are wasting money on conventional marketing campaigns  and are not gaining any profit? Don’t you want to promote your brand in an effective manner? Well, reading this blog would definitely make your wish come true. Here you can learn about the wonders of using mobile marketing to promote your brand in front of millions of people. For business entrepreneurs, internet marketers or even performers, mobile marketing has revolutionized the way you intend to promote your products and services.

Do you know that…?Question

Research has shown around 5000 advertising messages compete on a daily basis to seek the attention of the masses. Isn’t it true that wherever we turn around, there is a bombardment of advertisement through television, internet, or radio? Now the most challenging question is, how many of these advertisements reach the mass properly. For instance, if you see around 100 advertisements a day before, will you be able to remember at least ten out of them. (I am sure, you can’t).

In today’s world, connecting with consumers is not an impossible task at all. What makes it possible? Well, it is simply through mobile marketing. Survey results show that mobile marketing can reach as high as 96% in terms of recipients remembering an action and 51% in relation to brand recall. Therefore, investing in mobile marketing can provide a better exposure to your brand within a reasonable price.

How huge a mass are we talking about?

Amazingly, the iPhone app development is emerging in popularity. The majority of the people are now using iPhones practically for everything- education, travel, entertainment, business and many more to add. Therefore, an app of your brand ensures that your products and services are not left behind everything. According to the marketing chats, it has been proven statistically, that around 50 million people use iPhone globally. In addition to this, 66% of iPhone users tend to respond to mobile ads rather than any other advertising medium.

App My Brand makes an iPhone app for your brand where the prospects and the clients can keep themselves up-to-date with your latest promotions via one particular application. Just image the exposure of your brand in each of your potential customer’s phones. Your brand’s content can easily be accessible to those potential customers through your app.

How is your brand benefitted from mobile app?

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App acts as a promotional tool:

It is a vital tool to promote your products and services and act as a one-stop shop for the users. The majority of the mobile users access the internet on their mobile devices. Everything including trading, payment or commerce is managed on mobile.

Earning from the app:

You can easily make money through various apps monetizing techniques available such as in-app advertising and so on.

The app works on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad:

There are chances that the majority of your potential clients use one of these devices. This paves the way to establish your brand as well as maintain a healthy relationship with them.

It can increase your subscription:

If you have a database of several leads it automatically augment the chances of generating future sales.

The brand looks great with app interface:

Mobile app can provide your brand a great look along with highly functional AppMyBrand user interface. This interface makes browsing experience much better for your audiences.

Hopefully, by this time you must have understood the value of exposing your business to the best marketing platform of the age and also the benefit of having a direct connection with your audience through mobile.