Logistics Mobile App Development- Features and Benefits

The transportation and logistics business grows by leaps and bounds worldwide. Do you know that around eight percent of the US GDP is spent on the logistics and transportation industry alone? If you are in this business, you need to get ready to grab the opportunities generated by the rise in the on-demand economy and entrepreneurs’ attempt to expand their business across the border.

A feature-rich mobile app can assist you to serve this objective. Customized mobile app development solutions can boost your business with four types of apps:

  • Apps for fleet management

These apps are useful for managing your fleet. Such apps can provide end-to-end fleet management solutions for the admin by involving drivers and supporting staff.

  • Apps for on-demand services

These apps are specifically designed to leverage the benefits of booming on-demand economy. You can meet the requirements of customers and clients more effectively with the logistics on-demand apps.

  • Apps for Warehouses

The warehouse is an integral part of logistics business. You can readily manage the warehouse irrespective of its location and size for a 24/7 basis with the help of warehousing app.

  • Apps for Tracking Route

Such apps enable you to track the location or route of drivers. It is easy to get real-time updates about the distance and route of your fleet with customized tracking apps.

Now, we will go through a few of the major business benefits of a tailored app for transportation and logistics business.

  1. Track vehicles

Timely delivery is essential for your business, right? You can track all the vehicles with GPS functionality in your logistics app. You can also notify the customers about the same through notifications. In other words, a logistics mobile app promotes accuracy and keep your customers and admin updated on a real-time basis.

Apart from this, the tracking feature is useful in the case of emergency. You can rapidly send the support and rescue team after getting the exact location of your vehicle.

  1. Fleet management

Proper fleet management can increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees. You can see the data related to all your vehicles and their routes on the dashboard. It increases your control over the fleet and you can take decisions quickly as and when necessary.

You can readily manage the service schedule of the vehicles with the fleet management feature. When you keep watching the movements of crew members and drivers online, their productivity will be certainly increased!

  1. Online booking facility

You can offer an online booking facility to your customers with a logistics app. They can book consignments with just a few clicks on their smartphones with this facility. In other words, entrepreneurs can send parcels anywhere on the move using your logistics mobile app.

Online booking facility also gives you a competitive edge over your rivals who do not have such apps because your corporate clients always tend to prefer apps with features of booking and tracking of orders.

  1. Get rid of paperwork

Traditional logistics business involves a lot of paperwork and it is difficult to store and access a pile of data. The mobile app solutions are designed to save a plethora of data without compromising the safety of personal information. As the mobile app can manage the critical business operations with ease, it significantly reduces the paperwork from your business.

A dashboard shows every activity to the management and it is possible to take the crucial decisions through accessing analytics and other critical data on the move. In a nutshell, a business mobile app is a boon for your logistics business.

  1. Real-time information

You can readily provide all the necessary information like order confirmation, payment receipt, consignment status, route, and the like to your customers through a tailored Logistics app. The app brings automation in your processes that further increases the productivity and lead your business toward growth.

Also, the real-time information about the location of your fleet can help you get an accurate idea about the delivery and you can manage the orders accordingly. In a way, the travel and logistics app solutions can keep you ahead of your peers.

  1. Minimal human errors

Human errors are likely when there is a lot of paperwork and other manual operations. Your custom logistics app brings automation in the process while simplifying the complexities of your business. What’s more, it helps you get connected with the customers, drivers, and other stakeholders on a 24/7 basis, which further assists you to resolve queries almost instantly.

Along with this, you can make your business more customer-centric by integrating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in the app. Access of ERP (Enterprise Resource Software) on the move through the app can also assist you to allocate work to the appropriate persons that further reduce the chances of errors.

  1. Improvement in service

This is perhaps the most impost benefit of an app. You can improve the service a lot regarding scheduling, delivery, and customer relations. Apart from staying connected with customers, the app can also enable you to expand the business across the borders without spending much on the promotion.

The app also enables you to build your brand online and get loyal clients who keep on giving you shipping orders. In a way, a feature-rich and futuristic mobile app for your logistics business can make your business result-oriented and customer-friendly.

You can take your logistics business to the next level with features like GPS, analytics, push notifications, etc. Apart from simplifying the complex business operations, the logistic app can promote your business while acting as a bridge between the customers and management.

Summing Up

A customized logistics mobile app is crucial to thriving in today’s challenging business scenario. You can enhance the customer services, strengthen your control, and expand your business with a seamlessly-working mobile app for your logistics business.

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