Apple has received a lot of grief about it’s new Map app that replaced the old Map in iOS6 which was powered by Google. There’s multiple problems, from addresses missing and poor accuracy to the loss of the street view and transit directions features.

But what most small businesses don’t know is that there is actually an opportunity within the new map app to attract more customers and bring in more foot traffic. You see, the local search on Apple Maps is now powered by Yelp, and provides a lot more information about the business you are looking for within the maps app than it did before. With just a couple taps, a customer can search for your business, see photos, reviews, hours, contact information – all without leaving the app.

Here’s an example. I searched for “Pizza” around downtown Winter Garden, FL. Five pins were placed on the board indicating the five pizza places within a close radius. Winter Garden Pizza Company was automatically chosen by the app to show more information (see photo below) because they had a fully optimized Yelp listing and a lot of reviews.

What I found interesting is that the other major pizza place in town, Italian Garden Pizzaria, didn’t even show up in this search. I did the same search on Google maps (the map that Apple used previously), and Italian Garden Pizzaria showed up as the third result. So I did some research, and it turns out that the Italian Garden Pizzaria had not optimized their Yelp listing. More specifically, they hadn’t added the category “Pizza.”

This is great news for small businesses who are smart and investing correctly into digital marketing because they will have the advantage over other businesses who aren’t paying attention and who haven’t spent the time on Yelp. It’s worth noting that Pizza Hut down the street, which was the fourth result in the Google maps search, didn’t even show up in Apple’s map app because they haven’t optimized their Yelp listing for that location. If you are a small business, you can beat the big guys by staying nimble, flexible, and on top of the changes in digital marketing and this is a great example of that.