How Android App Development Takes Businesses to Next Levels

Android OS rules the smartphone market with the lion’s share. Though the most prevalent platform worldwide, Android lagged behind iOS in enterprise-friendliness. But, this is a story of the past as this Google-backed platform has done remarkably well by integrating enterprise-oriented features in its recent versions. As a result, Android is becoming a preferred choice for many enterprises worldwide for having an enterprise mobility solution.

Introduction of Android Enterprise

Google has introduced Android Enterprise to make Android devices and apps ready for the workplace. Android app developers can readily integrate APIs into EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solutions thanks to this initiative.

It is easy to implement a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept with Android Enterprise because it enables the users or employees to work as per their convenience. With enhanced security and improved performance, Android Enterprise can offer many mobility benefits to the business.

How Android OS Helps Business

Flexibility, scalability, simplicity, and security are four pillars of Android app development services. When you hire mobile app developers to build a business Android app, you can get a one-stop solution from this robust OS. It is easy to establish a work profile different from the personal apps in Android, which makes it a preferred choice for BYOD implementation.

Android Enterprise enables your company to secure critical data by providing facility to restrict the access and even wiping out of data in the case of phone loss or theft. Experienced Android app developers can build the apps as per the business requirements while enabling entrepreneurs to keep their critical corporate data safe. What’s more, Android Enterprise also enables companies to choose devices and APIs of their choice from a range of options.

Here are key benefits of customized Android apps for business:

  • Easy Customization

The Android platform overtakes its Apple counterpart in customization and flexibility. The enterprises can get a complete makeover of Android devices in line with the business model and daily operations. A few Android devices can enable the companies to replace the existing software completely to make the device more secure and business-oriented.

In today’s competitive business scenario, it is necessary to keep your app updated with necessary features. There, easy customization of Android is beneficial. It is easier to add or modify features as per necessity in Android as compared to iOS platform. The Android app development company can readily make the business app ready to handle the user’s needs.

Easy customization can save money and time of the companies. It also facilitates to reduce TTM (Time to Market) for staying firm amid growing competition.

  • High Flexibility

Android is an open source project. Both device makers and app developers can make the most from it thanks to its high flexibility. It is easy to develop apps for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or COSU (Corporate-Owned Single Use) devices as the OS is flexible. In a way, Android can help companies to boost productivity with customized apps.

Android apps can also be readily integrated into the business ecosystem. Android apps are also compatible with emerging technologies like AR, VR, and IoT. The flexibility and scalability of Android OS make it possible. In a way, Android apps can provide companies a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Google Support

One of the biggest advantages of Android OS for business is Google offers extensive support. Google apps like Gmail, Drive, and other business-friendly apps can be readily integrated into the Android business apps. Though Google has extended support for iOS also, all its apps do not work properly on it. Also, their integration is cumbersome in iOS apps.

Google also comes up with updates regarding bug fixing, enhanced security and other aspects on a regular basis. It makes Android OS safer and more useful for companies.

  • Higher Scalability

Every entrepreneur thinks of the future. It is fairly possible that the business app needs to handle more users, target a niche audience, or serve the users with high-end features in the future. There, Android app development can lend a helping hand. The Android apps are highly scalable and can readily integrate new features as per the market trends or the user’s demands.

Also, the Android app is developed by using Java, which is one of the most prevalent programming languages in the world of developers. Any Java expert can modify or customize the Android app if necessary. The recently introduced ‘official’ app development language Kotlin is also similar to Java and even a bit easier than it. In a way, companies can save time in finding app developers for even a minor modification.

  • Seamless Performance

Though the Android platform is integrated into a wide range of devices, the Android developers have kept the pace with advancing technology. As a result, Android OS can offer a seamless performance across various devices.

That’s not all. Many device makers have come up with innovative features in their smartphones thanks to the Android platforms flexibility. For example, Android is a pioneer of Notifications feature. Also, one of the Android device makers has brought a water-resistant smartphone two years before the arrival of iPhone 7.

  • Competitive Edge

Android OS powers over two billion devices worldwide. It clearly shows the importance of this platform. If the company brings an Android app then chances are fair that the app becomes popular rapidly. It further boosts the brand value and ultimately the company can record an increase in sales and the number of loyal customers.

Here are the obvious benefits of Android apps that provide companies an edge over their peers:

  • Easy and effective implementation of BYOD and Mobility
  • Address a huge audience
  • Business-friendly features and rapid modification

Android OS offers other business benefits as well. In a nutshell, we can mention that a tailored Android app can assist you to drive your business.

Concluding Lines

Android offers a lot of customization options and scalability to develop future-ready business apps. It is easy to control and manage various devices at the workplace with a single enterprise mobility solution. All these business benefits make Android a preferred choice across enterprises globally.

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