There’s a chill in the air, and Pottery Barn’s website is already brimming with wreaths and plastic fruit. That’s right: the holidays are just around the corner.

This is a key time to take advantage of the consumer explosion in most any industry—but it’s particularly lucrative for m-commerce, which is expected to see a 37% increase from last year’s holiday season, according to IBM. Shoppers will be taking to their smartphones more than ever to avoid the in-store stampedes, which means bigger business for companies that have gone mobile.

Check out our best ideas for banking off the holiday buzz!

1. Up the Interaction It’s important to stay on the forefront of your customers’ minds during the gift-giving months. Personalized content like creative push notifications and email blasts are a great way to do that. Target users based on location and reach them at the right time of day—in cities, that’s most likely during the morning or evening commute.

2. Link Away When you push out content & alerts, it’s crucial to have clickable options for users to explore. Advertising your products via email or push is great, but expect little follow-through if users aren’t quickly directed to what they want. Using deep links is essential to increase the profitability of your campaigns. In push notifications, you can link to a specific area of your app (think the Merchandise tab) to drop users exactly where they need to be.

3. Track Success Using key metrics (KPIs) to collect data on conversion and click-through rates will inform the rest of your marketing campaign. The analytics section of your app will highlight what tabs are seeing the most action so you can adjust your efforts accordingly. Pay attention to user engagement, and your users will pay attention to you!

Asking Santa for sales this year? We can help him squeeze them down the chimney. Contact us for advice on marketing your app this season!