Hit the Instant Gratification Sweet Spot with QR Codes

Instant gratification – the promise of getting something good, right away–can be a big help when it comes to selling your products and services.

It is something that online shoppers have come to take for granted—they can instantly download a book, use a coupon to make a purchase or pre-order an upcoming sale item.

So how can “offline” business provide this kind of experience?

The answer is QR codes. Take coupons, for example. Traditionally with mailed coupons, customers had to visit the store to redeem them. Or sales—it used to be that when a sale was advertised, customers had to wait until the day of the sale to take advantage of the discounts.

QR codes overcome this “waiting” barrier, by allowing offline businesses to offer coupons and special deals while the customer is actually nearby, creating the opportunity for instant gratification. They also enable your customers to buy things anytime and anywhere, turning regular product and service offerings into impulse items that can be purchased on the spot.

Simply put, QR codes provide offline customers the same instant gratification opportunities that online customers take for granted.

If you’d like to harness this power for your business, I’ve put together a free {step by step guide on using QR codes} to hit the instant gratification sweet spot. And you don’t have to feel intimidated by the technology involved, because Pitney Bowes has developed an “all-in-one” solution that I walk you through in the guide.

You’ll learn how to, at a high level:

  • Set trackable goals
  • Plan your offer
  • Implement your campaign
  • Properly time your campaign

You’ll also get specific instructions on how to:

  • Choose a campaign option (where your QR code will link to – a mobile page, mobile business card, etc.)
  • Create a QR code in addition to adding images or text
  • Customize a mobile page if your code links directly to one
  • Use your code on anything from mugs to t-shirts
  • Select from multiple templates to make sure your campaign design is eye catching
  • Track and report your campaign’s success (see how many times the codes were scanned and how many mobile page views they drove)

Download “How to Use QR codes to Hit the Instant Gratification Sweet Spot