The Hidden Gems of iOS 8: Tools to Try


iOS 8 is here! Most of you have probably installed it, played around with it for several minutes, then thought… It looks exactly like iOS 7. Think again! Though the new OS sticks to the boastful simplicity of its predecessor, with only minor design changes, it also has quite a few tricks up its sleeve.

1. Credit Card Scanning Fear no more the 16-digit headache. iOS 8 equips the camera with a new scanner tool that grabs & (safely) stores your credit card info.

2. Apple ID Management I have to use my computer?: What we all exclaimed when we realized Apple IDs & billing info could only be changed through that oh-so-passe program called iTunes. Now you can update your info right through your phone. No need to wipe the dust off your laptop screen.

3. Battery Stats My now-outdated iPhone has the longevity of an asthmatic distance runner, landing at 1% after hours of little use. The new battery stats in the iPhone’s Usage settings detail exactly what’s draining your battery. Consider it your phone’s inhaler.

4. Enhanced Privacy Celebrities aren’t the only ones who should be concerned about this one. The new OS offers a hide function for photos and App Store purchases. To make a private photo invisible, just hold down on it until you’re prompted with the Hide option.

5. Image Recovery We all know the sharp panic of an accidental deletion. No longer an issue with iOS 8! You can go the Recently Deleted section of your photos and recover a deleted image up to 30 days after your mis-click.

6. Do Not Disturb Just put your digital sign up when you don’t want to be bothered by notifications. You can quiet individual threads through the Details section in the Messages app. Particularly useful for overly active group texts you wish you’d never been included in…

7. New Themes Prefer it when things are black & white? Say goodbye to color with the new theme options in the Accessibility section of the iPhone settings.

8. Selfie Perfection Introducing the selfie timer… the answer to every teen’s dreams. Add a 3- or 10-second delay to your camera to allow for proper prep time, or select Burst Mode to take more than one pic at a time and catch your best angle.

9. Email Notices Set up special alerts for your most awaited replies using the Notify Me option in the email’s More menu. No need to obsessively swipe to refresh every 5 minutes you don’t hear back on that job application.

10. Responsive Messages One of the most popular new features, type-in banners now allow multitaskers to reply to texts, emails, and WhatsApp without leaving behind what they’re doing. Finish up choosing that Instagram filter—don’t let us stop you.

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