It’s Friday! It’s Friday! You’re probably day dreaming right now about all the awesome things you’re going to be doing this weekend. In an effort to help make your weekend even better, we’ve highlighted a few app favorites in the Piehead office for the weekends.

Pinweel – You might be heading to a party, concert or just hanging around with some friends at the beach, but the one thing that always holds true is the issue of taking pictures and then having to try to share them with each other. Whether it’s via text or email, the bottom line it’s a pain. With Pinweel, you can easily download the iOS app and create albums, which can be shared and accessed by your friends. For example, if you’re at the beach, create a “Our Beach Day” album, invite the friends you’re with and each person and easily upload any images right to the album. (Disclosure: I’m friends with the founders)

Hotel Tonight – Visiting the city this weekend or just wanting to get our of your apartment? Hotel Tonight is an amazingly simple app (for both iOS and Android) that lets you see last minute hotel deals in your city. Some of them have discounts up to 70%. So if you have an itch for staying in a hotel because of a last minute trip, this is an app you must check-out. Deals go live at noon daily. Oh, for those interested, the company just closed a massive venture capital round for $23 million in an effort to go global.

Foursquare – Now, this is by no means a “new” app, but recent tweets from the company are hinting to a new version being released soon. For those who live under a rock, Foursquare lets you check into physical locations and share that info with your social networks. The app also aggregates where you go and what you do to make suggestions, including the addition of a purchasable coupon (business model). Not 100% sure what the new release will include, but I can imagine it will make even better recommendations and make it super easy to find things to do in your area. More info here via The Next Web.

Ok, there are a few apps for you to check out and see if they make your weekend any better. If you do download them, let us know what you think. If you have an app you love for the weekend, drop them in the comments section.