In its scope and execution, talent management is a complicated activity. Online solutions are rarely able to capture the complexity of this activity because they are focused on building and executing just one part of the process.

This week, we will look at a solution that takes a holistic perspective of talent management. We will review the Halogen Talent Management Suite™ — a cloud-based employee appraisal and talent management system. In this Halogen Talent Management Suite review, we will look at its interface, features, and see how it can be of use to you.

About Halogen Talent Management Suite

The value proposition from the Halogen Suite is simple. It aligns your talent management activities with your business strategy. After all, good employees make a good organization. The Halogen Suite does this by incorporating a 360-degree loop that considers your management’s ultimate goals for your organization. For example, the application makes sure that your learning initiatives should be focused on results aligned to strategy. Similarly, it ensures that employee goals are aligned with strategy and job descriptions.

Managing Talent with the Halogen Suite

The Halogen Suite works as a strategic talent management solution. It encompasses seven distinct talent management activities: performance appraisals/management, 360 degree/multirater feedback, learning management, succession planning, compensation, job descriptions, and recruitment.

One of the most interesting modules within the solution is Halogen eLearning Manager. It allows you to catalog and manage all your learning assets. But it also lets you associate these with the competencies they’re designed to develop, so managers and employees can better identify appropriate development activities. And those learning assets are accessible from within every other talent management process, as well as from the employee’s portal. So you can assign customized development plans and learning activities to employees while conducting an appraisal, hiring a new employee, assessing the readiness of a leadership candidate, or just having a conversation with your employee about their performance.

Development plan

The solution also has an eSuccession module that lets you implement a succession planning program in three phases. Similarly, the eCompensation module is focused on eliminating spreadsheets and setting up a compensation process.

The Job Description Builder enables you to automate the process for creating, reviewing and approving job descriptions, as well as assigning them to employee, and even get employees to sign them off. What’s more, you can use these job descriptions to generate job requisitions or to create job specific performance appraisal forms, so you consistently communicate expectations.

The Suite also includes an eRecruitment module that lets you invite appropriate candidates or solicit feedback from stakeholders involved in the hiring process. It also enables you to advertise open jobs, view sourcing pools and generate automated reports regarding the process.


But at the heart of the Suite is the eAppraisal module. It does so much more than let you automate your performance appraisal process. It’s really designed to help you better manage employee performance all year round by facilitating the exchange of feedback and the recording of progress notes, giving employees easy access to their goals and development plans, and letting them track their progress.


The e360 Multirater module lets you expand that focus to collect 360 degree feedback from others, either as part of your performance appraisals, or as a leadership development exercise.

You can also perform business process modeling using the Halogen Suite. This means that you can establish custom processes for compensation or any other talent management process using the solution and set email notifications for each step.

And you get complete flexibility in automating the process. For example, you can use Halogen eCompensation to set salary profiles for employees at different grades in your organization or you can use eAppraisal to create an onboarding process. The solution is flexible and extensible enough to accommodate this automation.

Finally, it gives HR and managers easy access to reports that help them manage all their talent management processes and activities.

halogen 2

Benefits of the Halogen Talent Management Suite

I really liked that the interface and process within the Halogen Suite is simple, despite the complexity of the talent management processes it covers. The solution does this without compromising on details while maintaining the complexity and rigor of its processes. For example, while your performance appraisal process is a distinct process that creates a distinct performance appraisal document, the goals and development plans you create in that appraisal document are accessible from the employee’s portal.

halogen 3

And the employee portal page shows you exactly which tasks you need to complete, when, for all your processes, all in one handy list.

halogen 4

Is It For You?

As I mentioned in the introduction, Halogen provides a holistic, 360-degree perspective of talent management. Its comprehensive modules encompass the breadth and complexity of talent management. I would highly recommend the solution.