Today one of the worries for a parent is how can I monitor what my son or daughter is doing on social media. But then it is not always possible to keep a tab. Seeing this as an opportunity, Gungroo, a safe, ‘fun + learn’ destination for kids has launched a Facebook app – Let Teens Be.


The Facebook app has been built to reduce the worry of a parent. With the app in place, a parent can keep minimum check on the activities of their children on Facebook. In a way the app provides a dashboard – an overview of their kids social media activities such as what they are posting or who have they added as a friend. However, the teen wouldn’t be aware of this monitoring activity.

Talking about the launch, Dinker Charak, Founder and CEO at Gungroo thinks that a minimal supervision is required in today’s times and he adds that,

“Today parents want to keep an eye on their teens’ Facebook activities to ensure their safety and good company. But they also have to give the teens enough freedom and space to explore, grow and learn on their own. ‘Let Teens Be’ provides that minimal overview information to the parent so they can guide their teens as they participate in social networks.”

How does the app work?

The Facebook app after authentication gives me three options – 1) Your Stats, 2) Teens’ Stats, 3) Add your teen.

‘Your Stats’ feature pulls up all the user details such as details of cover photos, profile pictures and details of all your public posts. The other features are more or less similar to ‘Your Stats’, with ‘Add your teen’ option you can add your teens and once you have done, you can see the activities of your kid in ‘Teens’ Stats’ feature, which has a similar stats like ‘Your Stats’ feature.

However, as a parent you can view only those posts that have public settings. The app has kept restrictions on adding more than one teen. If you want to do so you would need to invite four people to try the app or shell out 1$ in terms of Facebook credits. Inviting friends is a great idea but monetizing with Facebook credits is too early.

Does it solve the problem of parents?

The Facebook app from Gungroo which we have reviewed earlier is quite basic right now and would need some fine tuning. For instance the overall design could be made more appealing. Adding teens’ option right now has no search feature; if added it will be quite easy for parents to add them quickly rather than scroll through the entire list.

I am hoping the makers of the app will add some more features because right now the app looks like an existing feature called ‘Close Friends’ by which you can keep a trace of all their activities on Facebook.

Image courtesy: Facebook