Both Apple and Android platforms have cultivated huge app stores that are chock full of apps that can be used by just about anyone. From keeping organized to finding a restaurant to editing photos to recording videos, there’s an app for that. Apps designed to make life easier in many different ways have gained popularity over the last year or so.

So what apps have been great for business so far? Here’s a run-down:

  • Square Register – I’d say that square is easily one of the biggest up and coming apps in the past year. Square was first technology that was used primarily by just a few businesses. In my area, for a long time you only saw food trucks using Square. But all of the sudden, it’s everywhere. My favorite bakery uses it. A new market opened up with 10 different retailers in stalls – nearly all of them use Square. I think the company will only continue to grow in 2014.
  • Dropbox – Dropbox has become the go-to app for mobile sharing. The app makes it so easy to share files, photos and more when you’re on the go. The fact that you can share nearly anything, anytime, with anyone makes it irreplaceable. Now that storage is moving to the cloud rather than physical hard drives, Dropbox is indispensable. The app is available on nearly all platforms, making it even more versatile.
  • Microsoft Office mobile – While you do have to subscribe to Microsoft Office in order to use it on the go (the cost is between $9.99 and $22 per month) being able to use the Office suite on the go is great. More and more people are transitioning to relying on tablets or smartphones rather than laptop or desktop computers for their tasks. Having Office become mobile has been great.
  • OpenTable – making restaurant reservations on the go has never been so easy. OpenTable makes it possible to make restaurant reservations right through their quick to use app. Gone are the days of having to call a popular spot for power lunch reservations. See if they have availability right from your phone – especially good for last minute business lunches.
  • Evernote – an app that is popular with businesspeople and everyone else alike, Evernote is a place to store info, take notes, keep photos, to do lists, and ideas organized. It’s like a Trapper-Keeper for your mind. Evernote gives you 60 megabytes of usage a month – pretty generous, I’d say. Check it out if you have trouble staying organize.

What apps have been the most helpful for you and your business lately?

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