ios7The release of Apple’s iOS7 has unleashed a fury of commentary and interest from novice users and iPhone experts alike. Differing drastically from iOS6, iOS7’s graphic design promises something entirely new for Apple product users.

Trusting in the technical skills of their customers, Apple has released a platform that is both visually appealing and immensely intuitive, with the occasional hint of minimalism. This upgraded image will appeal to those with an eye for graphic design as well as those more comfortable with a clutter-free visual field. Here’s what iOS7 has working in its favor:


The new iOS7 makes the most of layering and movement to create space in the two dimensional arena of the phone screen. Partially transparent layers appear when you enter your password or open an application box. Items zoom in and out as you move from one screen to another. The illusion of depth that this results in draws the eye further into the screen, allowing the user to fully interface with the technology.

Intuitive Minimalist Design

iOS7 is laid out in a way that opens it to users, without spoon-feeding them directions on how to use an app or navigate through screens. This aspect of the design may leave some new users a bit lost, but is intended to appeal to experienced users who no longer need detailed directions. As one writer put it, “iOS7 means we’re all grown up.” Grown-up users are ready for a more minimalist design because we already know our way around.

New Typography

This is a change you might not have caught – iOS7 makes the switch from Helvetica Neue to Helvetica Neue Ultra Light. This change to an even thinner, finer font is part of the overall clean-up for this update and works well with the higher resolution that came along with Retina Display on iPhone 4. These are fonts for a digital world, and every detail of Helvetica Neue Ultra Light, including the punctuation, has undergone a makeover for iOS7.

Lighting & Movement Adjustments

The lighting and movement adjustments that iOS7 introduces may be just enough to make graphic design buffs swoon. iOS7 introduces light responsiveness, adjusting the screen lighting depending on the environment so that users can see the screen most clearly. This feature is paired with movement adjustments – an accelerometer in the phone senses movement and makes slight shifts in the screen display to keep its appearance consistent and clear, even when tilted and shifted around.

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