Google Play adds New Parental Control 'Purchase Feature'

While the Google Play Store currently includes a feature that allows youngsters to make purchases on the platform, it requires parents to set up a family payment system and share it with supervised accounts.

Google is currently releasing a brand-new tool that gets around this limitation. Google Play recently released UPI Autopay for subscriptions in India.

Now, internet behemoth Google has announced that a new family payment option called “Purchase Requests” would also be offered on Google Play.

It aims to avoid any spending binge for the Play Store that could leave parents stunned by their monthly credit card bills or additional fees for other payment methods.

With the addition of the Purchase Requests feature, children can send purchase requests if a family payment isn’t set up. A family manager who owns an Android phone is necessary for the new function.

This gives the manager the authority to accept or reject purchases that a child under 13 makes.

How Does it Work?

Google’s new “Purchase Requests” feature will allow family managers to accept or reject their children’s purchases. Kids can ask permission for in-app or paid purchases if their family hasn’t set up a payment method.

When the family manager receives this request via mail or notification, they can authorize it and purchase it using various payment methods like Google Play gift cards.

You may view all the in-app purchases and apps your children use and remove those that you consider dangerous or unnecessary

These purchase requests will notify family managers in real-time. The request will still be listed in a queue for approval requests if users choose to decide on it later.

Google stated that requests could be made for in-app purchases (IAPs) and paid apps but not for Google TV, Play Books, or subscription purchases.

Children will not be allowed to see or use the family payment method without approval from the family manager, and purchase approvals without a family payment method will be unavailable for family groups that have a family payment method added.

The go-to place for all things Android — the Google Play Store — is one of the largest app stores in the world and focuses on various services that users may enjoy within the app.

It just introduced the “Offers” tab function to the website, which aims to offer various temporary offers or events that can be accessed through its apps.

Other Google Developments

Another excellent upgrade for the Play Store is Google’s recent ad tracking policy, allowing users to switch it off when using the Google apps.

Purchases made utilizing the Purchase Requests feature will also be accessible in the Order History

It implies that Android users who selected to stop tracking will be secured from app trackers, safeguarding user information and data.

The Google Play Store provides several apps for customers to use, each of which helps to bring diverse experiences, especially when it comes to satisfying in-app purchases on each service.

In this latest Play Store feature, administrators and parents may now control every purchase made by others instead of having to approve all purchases using shared payment methods.

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