Google now is the ultimate comfort app for all the Android and iOS users which has made their lives easier and better in terms coordinating with the real technical world. It is a highly advanced version of Google that helps you set your basic daily needs and detail into it and experience the real time benefit of this application. This app comes with interesting voice commands which enhance the smart features of your smartphone and makes it work faster. But it is crucial to handle this app properly so that you can get a maximum profit out of it. For this, you must customize it and configure the settings of your handset. After downloading the Google now app, you can customize it as follows:-

Customize Your Google Now App:-

Let us now see, in easy and straightforward steps, the way to customize your Google Now:-

  • First of all, you need to bring your Google Now to life for which you must tap the three horizontal lines in your Google Now and choose Settings.
  • Open the menu, using the three horizontal dots on the top left corner and choose the customize option.
  • Now, starting with apps and websites, you can select cards with the website which you are more likely to visit.
  • Also, using places you can select your location which may be your home or your workplace.
  • Also, using the sports and stocks options you can select the teams of your interest and configure it with your device.
  • Using the Transport option you can guide Google about the locations you like to visit often.
  • The TV & Video option will take care of your favorite video and TV shows that you like to watch.
  • Similarly, there will be some options. All you have to do is select an option and feed the things of your choice related to it. The more data you will provide Google Now to access the more you will enjoy its benefits and various advantages.

Ways To Enjoy The Google Now Features:-

Now, after you have configured this application, it is time to get started with it. It is to be noted that if you are interested in collecting data with this application then your website needs to have HTTPS (security certificate). To use and enjoy the maximum of its features you can do the following things:-

Setting Reminders In Google Now:-

Google Now is well equipped to remind you about any recent updates related to the information you feed into it. Hence, setting reminders is a good practice in Google Now that will allow you to watch any recent updates related to your TV shows, videos, games, sports and much more.

Google Now TV Cards:-

For television and video lovers, this is the dream feature that allows them to know any information about their show anytime. Just by connecting to the microphone and saying “Listen To TV” all the required information will be triggered, and you can know anything that you want.

The Research Topic Options:-

Google Now has a great option of research topics that allows you to see any searches related to your past search histories. Hence, by using Google Now, you not only get information about your search topics but your related searches as well.

The New Commute Sharing:-

On the improvised location sharing option of Google+, Google Now has come up with the new commute sharing option that helps your family and loved ones to keep track of your location, no matter if you are stuck in a busy traffic or somewhere in the city.

Enabling The Voice Option On Google:-

Many times, speaking seems very comfortable than typing which can be easily configured with the new Google Now App. All you have to do is to activate Hotword detection. For this you may go to Google Now Menu > Settings > Voice and tick ‘Hotword detection’.